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Betty Moon Releases New LP ‘Hellucination’

The Los Angeles based songwriter and producer drops her 9th studio release ‘Hellucination’, and is available to stream on all streaming platforms today.

(LOS ANGELES, CA) - May 2019 - Noted songwriter, producer and rock n’ roll fashionista Betty Moon is back in the driver’s seat with the release of her new LP ‘Hellucination’. With distribution at all retail worldwide, Betty Moon is putting her unique brand of music on overdrive with her newest single “Save My Soul”, which is included on ‘Hellucination’ and can be streamed now via Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.


‘Hellucination’ has Moon drawing influence from underground sounds ranging from rock, soul, electronic and electro-pop soaked with aggressive, empowering, yet somehow soothing, electrifying the listener with it’s big bold energy. Moon wrote, produced and mixed the effort, and continues to inject genuine sex appeal, soulful vocal prowess and massive production all the while experimenting with new sounds and modern genre trends. With Moon’s longtime infatuation with electronic music, tracks like “Save My Soul”, “Crazy” and “Hands Full of Nothing” touch on multiple synth driven genres while keeping a sense of soul and rock that most Moon fans have grown to expect. Other tracks like “Get Your Gun” have the classic Betty Moon energy and passion that longtime Moon diehards will appreciate.

“I’m thrilled to soon release what is easily my favorite compilation of work to-date” says Moon. “Save My Soul is just a taste of the perfect balance of new and old school Betty Moon sounds, and has just enough rock n’ roll to help keep guitar rock alive”. As many artists are aware of trends in rock waning in recent years, Moon is confident that the comeback is here and wants to remind listeners she’s been a part of the scene during its heyday and beyond. Similar to artists like Lady Gaga, Betty Moon has her finger on the pulse of what listeners want, but is always sure to stick to her guns and keep things uniquely Betty Moon.

Betty Moon’s previous album ‘Chrome’ was released in 2017 to mass media and radio coverage with the full length producing other notable singles including “Sound” and “Natural Disaster”. Since her early days in the Toronto music scene, Betty has continued to defy industry trends, earning worldwide retail airplay, online and college radio rotation and record numbers via over 10,000 Spotify followers, 1.6M+ Facebook fans and over 50,000 followers on Instagram. Her most recent releases have also had media coverage from Huffington Post, Billboard, Alternative Nation, Stencil Magazine, Exclaim!, Spill Magazine, and much more. “Save My Soul” is available now and ‘Hellucination' can be streamed via retail music outlets worldwide.

‘Hellucination’ Tracklisting

  1. Save My Soul

  2. Runaway

  3. Taxi Ride

  4. Get Your Gun

  5. Violent City

  6. Fear Takes Control

  7. Just Hold On

  8. All We Are

  9. Without You (Nights Are Colder)

  10. Love Me Like You

  11. Crazy (What You Make Me)

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