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Don’t Panic Release New Album ‘42’, Stream The New Music Video For “Conquer Divide”

(PHOENIX, AZ) - August 26, 2022 - Arizona rockers Don’t Panic released their highly anticipated new album ‘42’ today on all streaming platforms. In addition, the band has posted a new music video for their single “Conquer Divide” on Youtube. The album includes the single “Time Machine” which was initially released in April.

Stream ‘42’ on Spotify | Apple Music

The Arizona based group has been at it for over a decade, and after a brief hiatus, returned to the studio to write/record new music that is included on ‘42’. Vocalist Dylan Rowe and company are excited to once again be making music and were brought back together in 2021 when inspiration and the perfectly imperfect timing struck (nothing like some COVID downtime). “Conquer Divide” leans into a mix of infectious guitar rock with tasteful backing keys to create an approachable, but heavy sound that perfectly lends itself to Rowe’s powerful vocal melodies.

The music video gives listeners and viewers a preview of the creative minds behind the music, peppered with a bit of humor but within lies a deep message of chaos and a feeling of feeling powerless. Rowe describes the song as being “...about compassion, understanding, forgiveness, anger, hope, all of the vulnerable feelings critical to realize change.”

42’ Tracklisting:

Conquer Divide

Eyes of Fire

Emotional Tourist

Phasers Set To Stun


Time Machine

Fly Into The Sea

Ninjas (Cory Spotts Platinum Edition 2022)

Since forming in 2012, the multi-dimensional quartet has carefully picked out influences ranging from progressive rock, indie and flavors from the mainstream to create a sound that is rounded out by Dylan Rowe’s soaring, yet emotionally dynamic vocals. Don’t Panic released their two EPs ‘DOS Robot Circus’ (2014) and ‘The Sleepy EP’ (2015) and released their new album ‘42’ on August 26. The band embraces a unique mix of rock and experimental tendencies, and is composed of members Dylan Rowe (Vocals), Jeffrey Fred Robens Jr. (Guitar) and Ryan Obermeit (Bass).

Learn more about Don’t Panic at and IG @dontpanictheband

Download/View Press Photo (Credit - Noah Shephard)

Don’t Panic on Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify | iTunes

About Don’t Panic:

From the beginning, Don't Panic has known no boundaries, bending and blending mainstream, pop, progressive rock, EDM and all-around weird.

As collaborators, Jeffrey Robens, Dylan Rowe, and Ryan Obermeit's multidimensional artistry is captured perfectly. Robens drives the band's creative process and studio efforts, having written and produced the fresh and sophomore EPs, DOS Robot Circus and The Sleepy EP. Obermeit underpins the project with a motoring rhythm and captivating flair. Rowe enlivens it all with her haunting perspectives, emotional performance, and handmade visage.

Following their brief hiatus, they’ve decided once again to pour their energy into an evolved version of their former selves with a full length album entitled ‘42’, which was released on August 26th.

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