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The Portland Singer-Songwriter drops his latest album that includes the single “Find Another Way”

(PORTLAND, OR) - August 19, 2022 - PDX singer-songwriter Shawn Brown has released his new EP ‘The Rain Parade’ via streaming platforms today. The 6 song release from the dynamic singer-songwriter includes “Find Another Way” and was given a special preview this week courtesy of Celebmix. Listen to the effort now on Spotify, Apple Music, and purchase the vinyl directly from Shawn Brown’s web store and at upcoming shows.

Stream ‘The Rain Parade’ on Spotify | Apple Music

Soaked with folk, R&B and roots inspiration, his leadoff single “Find Another Way” sets an emotionally powerful and balanced tone for the EP, and is by far Brown’s most deeply personal work to-date. Brown continues to evolve as a songwriter, with his unforgettable falsetto voice he has carefully crafted these 6 tracks to tell new stories of his life, struggles and personal growth. After nearly a decade of not playing music, longtime friend and musician Rafa Cirne Lima motivated Brown to pick up the guitar and work together on what would soon become 2021’s ‘Angel of Oakland’ EP and eventually the recently completed EP ‘The Rain Parade’. Prior to these sessions, Brown released ‘Chasing Streetlights’ in 2011 to high media praise.

The genesis of this new project took off as Rafa Cirne Lima pulled together a writing and production alliance that also includes co-producer Grecco Buratto (Shakira) and is topped off with session performances from respected industry players including Brendan Buckley (Morrisey), Daniel Clarke (Ryan Adams) and much buzzed singer-songwriter Alexia Anne. Lima contributed bass on the EP while Buratto mixed the EP, played guitars, keyboards and contributed backing vocals. The EP was mastered by Justin Moshkevich (Rufus Wainwright).

Brown speaks further on the EP - “This whole thing came out of pure friendship. I’d been out of music for about 10 years and Rafa just wasn’t having it. He had this magical way of coaxing me back into writing, which turned into jamming, which turned into a full blown recording project. Myself, Grecco Buratto and Rafa - we were making music for ourselves and all these other hugely talented people just kept jumping on board with what we were doing. Turns out, I had a lot to say in these songs, so I’m grateful people get to hear it. To me, the whole EP just sounds like friends lovin’ on each other.”

Track Listing:

Find Another Way

Testify (feat. Alexia Anne)

Rain Parade

Angel of Oakland

9th St. Hymn

Taking On Water

“Pure guitars, light drive, emotional and romantic vocals”

-The Indie Dock Music Blog

“Shawn Brown's songs have got soul. Not to mention a little rock, pop and a bit of garage grunge…”

-San Francisco Chronicle

“Drawing on influences from soul to guitar-based pop, Brown blends them together to form his unique sound.”

-The Other Side

About Shawn Brown:

Shawn Brown's music has always buoyed itself between genres. While heavily influenced by soul singers, R&B, and guitar based pop — he has always leaned equally heavily towards his deep love of the rootsier side Rock & Roll. And after an extended break from music, Shawn is BACK and continues to blur the lines between the genres that move him most. His latest release, ‘The Rain Parade’, was self- released on 8/19/22.

Media Contact:

Bob Bradley

Bradley Public Relations & Marketing



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