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Songwriter Nick Arneson Releases New Single “Once”

Indie singer-songwriter and producer Nick Arneson has released his newest single “Once”. The Portland based musician included the track on his newest album ‘MidLifeCrisis’, which are both available now on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Nick Arneson

There’s something in the water up in Portland, with iconic indie and folk musicians putting out some of the industries finest, most soul-revealing music. PDX based songwriter, producer Nick Arneson and has soaked in some of this inspiration, and has unveiled his new single “Once”, a vulnerable track about pushing 40, quitting drinking and facing life head on in a way that “probably scares the shit out of most people” says Arneson. “This song is me talking to me”, and “is about being alone and scared with that fire in your eyes”. He holds nothing back on “Once”, which is included on and shares an overall theme in his recently released album ‘MidLifeCrisis’.

Arneson’s tasteful blend of indie and experimental sounds, is uniquely his but has a sense of familiarity that is comforting, relatable and straight up authentic. He quotes an array of influences, with some including Tom Petty, The War On Drugs, Hank Williams, just to name a few. The media has picked up on Arneson’s music as well, with recent praise coming from respected sources including No Depression, Blog Critics, Puregrainaudio and Ghettoblaster. “Once” and his album ‘MidLifeCrisis” are both available now online.

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