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Download/View Press Photos and Artwork (credit - Lokii Reis da Silva)

(LOS ANGELES, CA) - 7.09.2024 - Southern California group Melee Fairy will release their newest single, “Stoner Boi,” tomorrow (7.10) on all streaming services. The group blends influences ranging from post-hardcore, emo, and even various rock/grunge sounds that have come back around in recent years. “Stoner Boi” will be available on Spotify and Apple Music and is the follow-up to their debut 2023 single “no flame”. The single was produced in Los Angeles with Jose Alcantar (Blue October, New Found Glory, Something Corporate). Give a listen to the single a day early over at Soundsphere Magazine.

Band members Moxii and Fox from Melee Fairy
Moxii (left) and Fox (right) - Lokii Reis da Silva

Inspired by iconic bands such as Whitney Houston, Dance Gavin Dance, Weezer, and Nirvana, Melee Fairy crafts a sonic experience that is both nostalgic for longtime rock fans but always feels fresh and always ahead of the curve. “Stoner Boi” is driven by the crafty riffs and songwriting of guitarist Fox, whose riffs, tones, and songwriting create a unique vibe and wall of sound. Fox’s work is rounded out by the powerful vocals of Moxii, whose emotive delivery and persona bring the lyrics to life with compelling intensity. The single will be included on the band’s upcoming EP, which will be released in late Summer 2024.

"Stoner Boi" represents Melee Fairy's ability to fuse different styles into a cohesive and captivating musical journey. The song’s straightforward yet smart composition and raw emotional depth reflect the band’s growth and commitment to pushing the boundaries of their genre. With much hard work and great songwriting, the duo has quickly made a name for themselves in the Los Angeles music scene with their high-energy performances and distinctive sound. The band formed in 2020 out of a chance meeting at an area store, where the duo, who also happens to be a couple, clicked musically and the formation of Melee Fairy almost felt inevitable. 

“I've known Moxii for a long time and got to know her tastes and style regarding music and life. It's also helped to better understand her goal for the band and herself as a musician/performer. Each Melee Fairy song is a Sad or Angry Bop, and we’re putting in the work as writers and live performers to make this thing work. Our best show to date has been at a thrift store, so that said we’ll play anywhere the audience wants to see us. See you there, and thanks to Jose Alcantar for producing this single.!” - Fox / Guitar

“Lyrically I’m inspired by storytellers and channeled angst because I can relate to it. Stoner Boi is a little different from anything I usually write as it's essentially a love song and sorta cheeky.” - Moxii / Vocals / Keys

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