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American Gentlemen Announce New EP ‘Ghosts’

The Los Angeles duo is comprised of Brandon Saller of the notable rock group Atreyu and platinum selling hip-hop/R&B producer C4. The 5 song EP is set for a 10/18 release.

(LOS ANGELES, CA) - October 11, 2019 - American Gentlemen, the project of Atreyu drummer, vocalist and songwriter Brandon Saller and platinum selling producer Christopher “C4” Umana, have announced the upcoming release of their EP entitled ‘Ghosts’. The 5 song effort will be available on Spotify and Apple Music Friday 10/18 and their single “Ghosts” premiered this week via Substream Magazine. The single is available today (10/11) on popular streaming platforms.

American Gentlemen is not the type of music most would expect from either member of this Los Angeles based duo. With past successes respectively in hip-hop and hard rock, C4 and Saller have united to create a unique sound that blends influences of folk, rock, hip-hop, R&B and others that are polished with C4’s incredible production and creative mind. With Saller’s group Atreyu, the band is known worldwide, has reached gold status on multiple albums and have earned the respect of being a top rock act of the 2000’s. C4 has had success as both a producer and songwriter, working with Big Sean (Dark Sky Paradise), Kelly Rowland (Here I Am), Trey Songz (Tremaine, Trigga, Chapter V), Tank (This Is How I Feel), and many others.

“This project for me is a huge element to my growth as a writer” says Saller. “Working with C4 (who is a production genius) has blown the doors open for me wanting to venture into other genres.” The duo initially met in 2014, and began working together on music in 2016, which was a natural pairing and brings out the best strengths of each. “Working with Brandon Saller is so effortless” comments C4. “It almost feels like we grew up in the same home. I am able to carry out his vision through music and the collaboration is magical.”

‘Ghosts’ will have a special media preview next week and will be available on most streaming platforms next Friday (10/18). Listen to “Ghosts” on Spotify or Apple Music.


1 Walk a Mile in My Shoes

2 The Unknown

3 Shadow Walker

4 Power

5 Ghosts

About American Gentlemen:

Chivalry is not dead...and neither is good music! Enter, American Gentlemen, the brainchild of Rock, musician/song-writer/multi-instrumentalist Brandon Saller (Atreyu / Hell or Highwater) and Hip-hop and R&B writer/producer, Christopher "C4" Umana. Saller is a drummer, guitarist, and vocalist of metalcore band, Atreyu. In addition, Saller is responsible for the melodic singing found in the band's music. C4 is a Nigerian-American rapper/songwriter, pianist, and producer from Atlanta, GA. C4 has produced songs on several number 1 albums including Big Sean’s “Dark Sky Paradise,” Trey Songz “Trigga”, and Kelly Rowland's "Here I Am".

In 2014, the two met at a studio while Saller was recording live drums for a mutual friend. It wasn’t until early 2016 that the two actually had an arranged studio session together. With C4’s southern hospitality and Saller’s west cost flavor, American Gentlemen was born. The Gents spent most of 2016 crafting their energetic and distinctive sound. They released their first self-titled EP that November. In 2018, they released a follow-up EP, which included the lead single, Undefeated, which they performed at the Observatory OC in Santa Ana, California during their live debut. The Gents are currently recording new material with high hopes to bring their sound to new levels in 2019!

Instagram- @weareamericangentlemen



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