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Visiontech Leading A New Era of Yearbook & School Services

The NJ/NY multi-media company celebrates 30 years of business and has created the ultimate experience for high school yearbooks and memories using forward-thinking print, photography, video and social media content.

BRICK TOWNSHIP, NJ - (2/17/2022) - Visiontech, a family owned production company and manufacturer of high school memory products, celebrates 30 years of business and has rolled out new advancements for their popular digital and print platforms. Serving the states of New York and New Jersey, Visiontech has transformed the traditional yearbook experience into one that is exciting, robust and focuses on multiple platforms including mobile, social media and video.

In addition to their years of premium print yearbook production, Visiontech offers the latest in cutting-edge editing, videography and photography including hype videos, digital yearbooks, event videography, school branding and more. The company aims to give high schools a one-stop solution, and the opportunity to create a fully documented school year for faculty, students and their families to enjoy for years to come. With the constant changes in technology and shifting preference into mobile-friendly experiences, Visiontech has added exciting touches to their print yearbooks including QR codes, taking students directly to video content that expands on the events they are reading about from that year.

Visiontech has emphasized the importance of leading the way, keeping their pulse on how both students and faculty prefer to document incredible memories that happen throughout the school year. From sports to assemblies, their team stays involved with the school year-round to capture video and photos that are transformed into digital content that can be streamed, saved and shared on social media by the students.

Visiontech is also passionate about education, striving to involve both the students and staff throughout the process, training and guiding them through the entire production process. Visiontech President Joey DeAngelo took leadership in the company over recent years, dedicating his efforts to expanding the offerings of Visiontech and turning the business into a full fledged multimedia business. He also happens to be an alumni of one of their newest NJ clients, Brick Memorial High School. The company was founded in 1992 by New Jersey entrepreneur Tony Tudda. To learn more about Visiontech, visit -

“Being a family owned and operated business comes with the chance to pivot when needed, allowing us to listen closely to the needs of schools, the interests of students and of course staying on top of the newest trends in technology.” says DeAngelo. “We are proud to give schools and students multiple platforms for preserving those yearly memories, which are available to save and share for generations to come.”

“Visiontech has been wonderful to work with as they honor commitments and develop partnerships within the school community. We are consistently impressed with Visiontech's level of professionalism, quality of product, and commitment to the success of our organization. It is a pleasure to work with the people within the Visiontech company.” - David Kasyan, Ed.D. / Principal of Brick Township High School

Current offerings from Visiontech:

Print yearbooks

Video yearbooks

Student photos

Event coverage

Hype videos

Highlight reels


School branding

Graphic design

About Visiontech:

For 30 years, Visiontech has strived to lead in the creative production, development, and manufacturing of innovative high school Memory products, including video yearbooks, quality print yearbooks, and professional photography. Visiontech strives to lead in the creative production, development, and manufacturing of innovative high school Memory products, including video yearbooks, quality print yearbooks, professional photography, and school branding services.

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Bob Bradley

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