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The Awakening Trainings Announce Free Daily Meditations

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

The Awakening Trainings founders Colin and Kerry Smith have begun a daily series of free meditations available to the public via Zoom each afternoon at 3pm PST.

SAN DIEGO, CA (3-20-2020) - The Awakening Trainings, an immersive and life-changing series of retreats, have announced that their co-founders Colin and Kerry Smith will be hosting a series of free meditation sessions daily. In these unprecedented times, The Awakening Trainings looks to contribute and give tools of hope with personal development that can help thousands cope with daily stressors. Beginning on Friday, March 20th at 3pm PST, Colin and Kerry will guide free 15 minute long meditations through Zoom and Instagram..

“Colin and I believe in the strength of our community during this Covid-19 pandemic.” says Kerry Smith. “ We believe in all of you and want to be there for you in any way we can. We feel a strong pull to be of service in this difficult time.”

In the suggested practice of social distancing and “Safer at Home” mandates by states such as California, residents are seeking ways to maintain their mental and physical health in creative ways. These meditations will help individuals build their spiritual practice and bolster inner strength so that our daily activities are achieved with calmness and clarity. Participants should bookmark the below Zoom link and logging in a few minutes before 3pm daily to participate:

What: Daily meditations by The Awakening Trainings

When: 3pm pst daily

Length: 15 minutes 

Where: Online Zoom Meeting (on app or web browser)

One tap audio-only login: +16699006833,,6196318569# US (San Jose) 

Standard dial login: +1 669 900 6833 US Meeting ID: 6196318569 

On Instagram: - @TheAwakeningTrainings

“Meditation is a proven scientific method to calm the brain and get into your body.” says Colin Smith. “Whether you've just lost your job, are struggling with homeschooling your child, or went out and braved the long supermarket lines... we want to provide an opportunity for you to find your center daily.”

Colin and Kerry began offering the trainings in 2017, which were first developed by psychologists and spiritual leaders nearly three decades ago. As Colin and Kerry raised their family together, they also did so in a way that is based on deep spiritual purpose and was influenced by a training Kerry’s mother had taught them both over the years. With the challenges and opportunities presented and overcome as they raised their son, they both felt the calling to help change the lives of others. They put together their own version of the training and branded it The Awakening Trainings. Over the past 3 years, The Trainings have been opening the doors to an elevated life experience through the immersive 5-day experience that is held in the Southern California area.

To learn more about The Awakening Trainings please visit

About The Awakening Trainings:

The Awakening Trainings is a self-development experience that sparks your innermost being, elevating beliefs in bold possibilities by removing the obstacles within that lead to true lifelong personal growth. Participants learn to break free from self-sabotaging habits and develop the tools to live a fulfilled, purposeful life filled with meaning and passion. These boutique trainings are empowering and focus specifically on inner changes on a cellular level.

The Awakening Trainings are exclusive retreats that are experiential and proven over decades through the success of our graduates. Industry leaders Colin and Kerry Smith guide attendees through the original training, which was first developed by psychologists and spiritual leaders in the early 1990’s. Kerry and Colin have professionally trained with spiritual and thought leaders including Robbins-Madanes Training, Brendon Burchard, Roger Love, Judith Kravitz and many more.

To learn more about The Awakening Trainings, upcoming classes and coaching opportunities, please visit or call (619) 631-8569

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