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Tattoo Artist Dillon Forte Unveils New Los Angeles Based Gallery

The multi-talented tattooer, artist and entrepreneur opens a uniquely curated art space and home of his tattoo supply company Forte Tattoo Tech

(LOS ANGELES, CA) - July 14, 2021 - Southern California based tattooer and artist Dillon Forte has given the LA area the first inside look at his new Venice based creative space ‘Forte Studio’. As a home for his artistic projects and for his eco-friendly product line Forte Tattoo Tech, Forte Studio is his new hub for multiple creative endeavors.

Although Dillon is widely recognized for his unique sacred geometry tattoo work, he has also been active as a mixed media painter and even has created elaborate sculpture pieces. Forte Studio will be the official destination to showcase his many artistic works, host creative events and offer a public preview of Forte created art for sale online and in-studio.

The carefully thought out and stylized space is minimal by design, and includes carefully placed art created and/or curated by Forte, along with a lush green living wall. There is purpose in the open space, leaving room to set up different creative occasions and passion projects. A standout piece in the studio is a custom made “Visualization Cube”, which Forte designed and is based on the Japanese psychology test. As visitors enter the room, the sizable sculpture appears to float or stand on a point, and Forte describes it as his ideal way to share and express his vision as an artist.

“This studio is really the culmination of dreams I’ve had to create a space for all the things I love to do,” says Forte. “The spot is eye-catching and well located, but more important is the experience being provided to those who come here for the art. Once you step inside, you’ll know you are somewhere special, and I can’t wait to get some events in the books.”

Forte Studio is also the HQ of Forte Tattoo Tech, which is his line of eco-friendly products which are available for sale online. The expansive offering of products by Forte Tattoo Tech are designed for professional tattoo artists and include eco razors, eco cling, PLA ink caps, biodegradable clip cord sleeves, bottle bags, rinse cups, herbal salves and eco pens. The components used in his products are sourced from all-plant fiber biodegradable alternatives, such as sugar cane, hemp, paper and bamboo. In addition to products, Dillon is also set to release a design app three years in the making. Be on the lookout for updates on this and a few other surprises in the works.

Forte has been featured extensively in the media, including spots by Entertainment Tonight, TMZ, Inked Magazine, Men’s Health and has worked with high-profile clients including Usher, Chris Hemsworth, Kat Von D, Kehlani and members of the group Imagine Dragons. He has also had media buzz from his international travels, convention appearances and tattooing at unique locations including Mount Everest and even tattooing himself inside an Egyptian pyramid. Forte specializes in intricate sacred geometry, black and dot tattoo work, canvas art and more which can be found on Dillon Forte below.

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About Dillon Forte:

World-renowned artist, Dillon Forte, is known for his contemporary style of Sacred Geometry in tattooing. Forte believes in viewing the body as a whole, creating harmonious designs to flow seamlessly with the skin. Since opening his first tattoo studio over a decade ago in California, Forte has developed an incredible online following and high-profile, international client base.

His other notable ventures include photography, painting, fashion/tech design, murals, gallery exhibitions and his product line Forte Tattoo Tech, which is his recently launched line of biodegradable tattoo supplies. Forte is available by appointment only. More about his LA area studio, canvas art, and upcoming galleries can be found at


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