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Oh Lonesome Ana Reveal New Single “Rushing Lattice” And Announce Debut Album ‘MEG/ \DETH TEE’

The Northern California indie group unveils the new single along with an intimate live performance video

(SACRAMENTO, CA) - JUNE 17, 2022 - California indie group Oh Lonesome Ana have released their new single “Rushing Lattice” on all streaming platforms today. The group recently completed work on their debut full-length entitled ‘MEG/ \DETH TEE’ which will be released 7/15/22. The band recorded the single and album with Grammy nominated producer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Oathbreaker, Gouge Away etc). Listen to “Rushing Lattice” today on Spotify/Apple Music and stream the video on Youtube.

Listen to “Rushing Lattice” on Spotify | Apple Music

Stream “Rushing Lattice (live)” on Youtube

The spirit of “Rushing Lattice” and the upcoming album is deeply personal, reflective and explores the depths and memories of childhood. The lyrics for the track were written by artist David Mohr as long form prose poetry, and further adapted into shorter lyric form. The dual format approach is also taken for each song on

‘MEG/ \DETH TEE’, and will be made available by the band online soon.

Singer/Guitarist Evan Bailey speaks on “Rushing Lattice” and the upcoming album: "MEG/\DETH TEE is a record about childhood trauma, but also about every experience you carry with you; painful and joyous. What do you keep with you and what do you throw away?"

Friend Linda Sao could easily build anticipation for the album with her brief review of the effort. “Needless to say, the entire recording is beautiful, energizing, and easy to keep on loop. You have this way of making heavy and dark songs still catchy and fun — and that's something I think is really difficult to do well. The production, your own song swells, and the background vox are pro, as expected, but — again — it's your song lyrics that kill me every time….Your lyrics are always just so moving: "real" or "raw" or "cutting" come to my mind when I think of how to describe them…I don't know if they're autobiographical and always from a place of life reflection ..or if you write creative, fictional narratives, but your songs are gut-wrenching”

Track listing:

The Dirt Road

The Slow Death Of Lung Cancer

Sending Out A Dove

I've Got Your Blood

I'm Glad You Got Out (But I Miss You)

Rushing Lattice

No Kind Of God

Megadeth Tee

To Feel So Small (Hello Me, It's Me Again)

Oh Lonesome Ana Lineup:

Ashley Maiden: Bass Guitar, Vocals

Evan Bailey: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion

Jacob Bradford: Guitar

Zach Peach: Drums, Percussion

Media Contact:

Bob Bradley

Bradley Public Relations & Marketing



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