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Hijinx Lets Foodies Create Their Own Unique Ice Cream Experience

Hijinx is ready to spark ice cream experiences, bringing people together to create their own unique ice cream flavors with their easy to prepare mix packets. The possibilities are endless, from alcohol, sweet, savory and even unexpected mix-ins, the flavor is up to you and best of all, there are no ice cream makers required.

TENNESSEE - (8/18/2021) - Hijinx Ice Cream has unveiled a new and exciting way to make that perfect ice cream flavor. Inspired by our favorite memories of getting together and being creative in the kitchen, Hijinx is the perfect activity for both ice cream fanatics and foodies alike. With a few steps, a packet of Hijinx ice cream mixed with your imagination can result in a perfect flavor combination. The Hijinx website also includes recipes with ideas for gourmet, savory, boozy and other exciting ice cream creations. Now available online, Hijinx dry ice cream mix is simply combined with any milk and unlimited possibilities of mix-ins to bring that dream ice cream flavor to life.

While anyone can head to the store to buy a pint of ice cream, Hijinx is all about bringing people together and mixing up unique flavors that are only limited to the imagination. Think of Hijinx as your “blank slate of making ice cream at home or anywhere you may be”, says founder Chandini Ammineni, a former Venture Capitalist and food lover. She wanted to create an ice cream mix that allows anyone to dream up the craziest and wildest flavors possible. “Hijinx is all about being social, it brings people together to create memories that you will never forget” says Ammineni. “The best part, there’s no ice cream maker needed. We all have so many memories around making food with friends and family, and Hijinx helps create a new and exciting ice cream experience. ”

With recent food trends in meal prep and at home dining, there was a gap in the market for easy, do-it-yourself frozen desserts which led to the creation of Hijinx. Hijinx wants people to focus on their ice cream mix as being an activity, and not just another food product. The immersive experience of making delicious desserts creates memories and even something share-worthy on social media. A packet of dry Hijinx mix stores easily, and when ready to use requires minimal prepwork, a household blender and easy clean up.

It’s always the perfect time to create some Hijinx. Whether it’s creating your “team” flavor in anticipation of the big ball game, "adult-friendly" dinners and occasions with wine-cream tasting, ice cream shots, ice cream cocktails, or re-creating your wedding cake flavors for your anniversary. Hijinx website and social channels have tons of additional inspiration and recipes for other Hijinx and customer imagined ice cream creations. Social media favorites including Tik-Tok and Instagram have been quickly lighting up with Hijinx inspired and tagged flavors. You can play it safe with traditional mix-ins, or you can buy multiple packets, take some risks and maybe..just maybe..come up with the next viral ice cream flavor sensation.

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About Hijinx Ice Cream:

Hijinx puts the creativity back in ice cream with their ice cream mix. With just a few steps, ice cream fanatics can easily combine the Hijinx dry mix packet with a dairy or nondairy milk and any ingredient to make their ideal flavors. No ice cream makers required, create memories and use your imagination by making your dream ice cream flavor today!

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