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Farrow And The Peach Leaves Release New Album Buttermilk Brine

The Northern California Americana group released the 9 song LP on streaming and vinyl today. Listen on Spotify and Apple Music. Order 12” vinyl via the band's official webstore.

(NEVADA CITY, CA) - DECEMBER 9, 2022 - Farrow and the Peach Leaves, an eclectic indie group celebrated for their popular mix of americana, blues, rock and country, have released their new album Buttermilk Brine on streaming platforms and vinyl. The 9 song effort also holds two recently released singles, “Adeline” and “All Blue.” The band also continues heavy regional touring in support of the album, with 3 additional December dates set in California and Nevada. Stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

The Nevada City group of longtime friends have been writing and performing together since 2016, delivering live shows that get crowds dancing but also take listeners on a journey filled with profound joys, devastating grief, vulnerability and the occasional shed tear. Vocalist and songwriter Graham Farrow Knibb’s authenticity and deeply personal subject matter are bolstered by the contributions of each of the six band members as well as the arrangements developed in collaboration with producer Evan Bailey. In addition to Graham Farrow Knibb, members include Zach Peach (Drums), Leif Bonfils (Bass), Keith Knibb (Guitar), Justin Peach (Guitar) and Hunter Jones (Pedal Steel/Keys).

Buttermilk Brine was written throughout early 2021 and draws inspiration from the band’s love of seventies country rock, blues guitar stylings and the unique gestalt of their home region of the Sierra Nevada Foothills. Indeed, Knibb’s lyrics, and the album’s overall trajectory, orbit themes that evoke their hometown of Nevada City, California, a small town nestled in an underrepresented nook of Northern California. Knibb describes the region as brimming with incredible beauty, while populated with a wild mix of weed growers, coal rollers, demi-cults, fiery bible thumpers, and strung out down-and-outs.

The band recorded Buttermilk Brine with producer Evan Bailey (Oh Lonesome Ana and Sun Valley Gun Club) and the album was engineered, mixed, mastered and recorded live-to-tape by Grammy-nominated engineer Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden East in Oakland.

Farrow and the Peach Leaves speak further on the album -

It’s a cliche for an artist to say that their most recent album was a labor of love, but in this case it really is worth saying. We were all in love with the labor of it. For instance, having the opportunity to work with Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden East was such a pleasure. We’re not new to the live to tape process, having worked with Tim Green at Louder Studios previously, but the granularity of Jack’s process was incredible. It was clear that you’re going to come in and make a rock-and-roll record. You’re going to play really well and then you’re going to love what you did, warts and all. You’re not going to sit there punching parts all day. Evan Bailey, who produced the record, was so crucial to this album. Before we were ready to record he came up to Nevada City and set himself up with a folding chair in the middle of the room at Dream Cabin Sounds, where we rehearse, and he sat there like a wise cherub with a beer on his lap just listening to us rehearse and nodding and then he had all of these wonderful ideas. For example, if you came to any of our shows back in 2021, you would have heard Done With It - one of the songs that hasn’t been released yet - played significantly faster, and Evan ad this idea that the song was better suited for a more dramatic pace that was slowed down and had more emotion and anger to it. Suffice it to say, we have a lot of gratitude to everyone involved. It was a massive collaboration and a big feat for such a DIY operation and we are extremely proud of the result. Really hope folks enjoy listening to the record and will catch us at some shows we have coming up."



All Blue

When You Find It

Buttermilk Brine

Madrid Sky

Hole In My Boot

Done With It

Bell Rung

The River


December 9th - Forestville Club - Forestville, CA

December 10th - Loving Cup - Reno, NV

December 11th - Gold Vibe Kombuchary - Grass Valley, CA

December 14th - Cafe Colonial - Sacramento, CA (w/ Oh Lonesome Ana, Smoker Dad)

About Farrow and the Peach Leaves:

Based out of Nevada City, California, Farrow and the Peach Leaves has chiseled an inimitably satisfying brand of Americana, Blues, Rock and Country that has been packaged in a versatile getup composed of thick blues guitars, locomotive rhythm, and seventies country rock overtones. Since 2016, the group has released multiple albums, played countless shows and released their newest effort Buttermilk Brine on December 9, 2022.

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