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Common War Release Punishing New Music Video For “Buried At Sea”

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Southern California group featuring members of Death By Stereo, Dying For It and Austrian Death Machine recently released their EP ‘Speak of the Devil’ on Indecision Records.

ORANGE COUNTY, CA (3-13-2020) - Common War, a metal/hardcore supergroup based out of Southern California has released their new music video for the single “Buried at Sea” online. The track comes from their new EP ‘Speak of the Devil’, which was released by Indecision Records in late 2019. A single version of the track was also dropped today on Spotify and Apple Music.

As a collective of musicians from various bands in the Orange County area, Common War formed to write unapologetically brash yet intelligent metal that cannot be pinpointed to any era or trend. The band is made up of longtime friends David Patrick (Dying for It), Mike Cambra (Death by Stereo/Adolescents) and James Gericke who also plays in Death By Stereo and Austrian Death Machine. ‘Speak of the Devil’ was released by respected hardcore label Indecision Records (Bleeding Through/Throwdown) and is the follow-up to their 2017 LP ‘Possess Yourself’.

Lyrically, Patrick covers the theme of western religion and the corruption of churches in modern society. A topic that may not rub well with some, but that’s not of concern to the band who shares varied beliefs and setting an example of looking closer while keeping an open mind. The band’s diverse sound may remind nostalgic listeners of late 90’s and early 2000’s metal favorites including Converge, Poison The Well, Eighteen Visions, Deadguy and Disembodied. “We just like writing dark, heavy and aggressive shit, and it’s just awesome doing this without an agenda or any expectations” says Cambra.

Guitarist James Gericke, who also runs his production company Pen Or Poison, shot and edited the “Buried at Sea'' video in just a few days, while ensuring the clip had a dark energy and sense of simplicity in this performance shot. “I was honored the guys asked me to put together a video for the track, and knew the exact creative energy and vibe we needed to put into this to make it great” says Gericke. “I know David wanted the lyrics and the visuals of the clip to be up for interpretation, and who doesn’t like a little mystery?!”.

“Buried at Sea” is live on Youtube and the single can be heard today courtesy of Indecision Records on Spotify and Apple Music. Learn more about Common War on Facebook.

About Common War:

Common War is a metal group based out of Southern California that combines caustic yet thought-provoking sounds influenced by extreme metal, hardcore and punk. Without being confined into one genre or scene, the band is free to explore ideas and lyrical themes that can change and evolve with each album. In late 2019 the band released their digital and vinyl EP ‘Speak of the Devil’ via Indecision Records, and a new video for the single “Buried at Sea” was unleashed on March 13, 2020.

Common War is simply a collective of ideas amongst close friends, who on their own come from other established groups including Death By Stereo, Adolescents, Dying For It and Austrian Death Machine. Learn more about Common War on Facebook.

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