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Centershift Releases New Single “And So…” Featuring Tallulah Swasey of Grumpy Plum

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

The Los Angeles rock outfit teams up with a notable indie/pop artist for a hard-hitting new release

(LOS ANGELES, CA) - APRIL 8, 2022 - Centershift, the new rock project from OneSideZero vocalist/guitarist Jasan Radford, has released their latest single “And So…” featuring Tallulah Swasey of Grumpy Plum. Swasey lends her familiar voice to this artistically heavy, emotional and larger-than-life track, creating a perfect balance of heavy and infectious vocals. “And So…” is available today on all streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

Centershift formed in the wake of OneSideZero, a band that VH1 said released one of the top most underrated Nu Metal albums of the 2000’s. Radford and company led an Alternative Rock revolution that spanned a wave of platinum artists and sound that impacted a generation of music. This newest project aims to deliver the thoughts and emotions of his life experience and wisdom, while writing smart, unforgettable music that reminds people that guitar-driven rock is far from dead. The band is rounded out by Ryan Shane Stuber (formerly of Shuvel) on guitar and Ted Wenri (formerly of Bemus) on bass.

“Working with Tallulah was a great experience, and after hearing her band I immediately had the idea of having her on this song idea which eventually became this single”, says Radford. “We’re stoked that she agreed to collaborate on the track, and we all agree it’s one of the best songs we’ve put together as a band so far.”

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