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The Awakening Trainings Announce 2020 Dates For Their Journey Retreats

Colin and Kerry Smith offer their transformative and immersive training retreats with multiple new dates recently announced for 2020.

SAN DIEGO, CA (11-21-19) - The Awakening Trainings have been opening the doors to an elevated life experience through their immersive retreats held semi-annually in the Southern California area. Facilitators Kerry and Colin Smith have expanded their popular retreats (that quickly sell out) and have announced four upcoming The Journey trainings for 2020 to be held in January, March, June and September.

The Awakenings Trainings boldly ask the question “Do you want more out of your life or feel that something is missing?” says organizer Kerry Smith. “The Journey is the first of two levels of trainings that are designed to launch attendees into a life filled with greater purpose and meaning.” When many are faced with negative self-talk, healing old wounds, divorce, alcoholism, business growth challenges and other common barriers, we also share the ability to identify and detoxify unhealthy patterns, leading to conscious change, improved focus and ultimately a reborn sense of self.

The experiential trainings (also known as The Journey) take attendees into the unknown and build self-confidence, which ultimately leads to positive, life enhancing choices. The Journey is unique, and not seen as a replacement to other forms of business/life coaching or therapy, and is meant for attendees to reconnect with their true selves, bringing out each person’s full potential. With years of proven success through Colin and Kerry’s method, they guide people’s awakenings and facilitate the original training, which was first developed by psychologists and spiritual leaders nearly three decades ago.

“Our goal is for attendees to reconnect with your soul and experience a deep spiritual awakening, which boosts emotional wellbeing and builds a greater capacity to love and to be loved,” says Colin Smith. “Our intensive retreats allows you to reconnect with what truly matters the most.” To learn more about The Awakening Trainings, signing up for The Journey and about their others offerings please visit

The Journey (Level 1) dates:

January 15th - 19th, 2020

March 18th - 22nd, 2020

June 3rd - 7th, 2020

September 16th - 20th, 2020

Transformational Journey (Level 2) dates:

December 5th-8th 2019

April 30th - May 3rd, 2020

November 5th - 8th, 2020

About The Awakening Trainings:

The Awakening Trainings is a self-development experience that sparks your innermost being, elevating beliefs in bold possibilities by removing the obstacles within that lead to true lifelong personal growth. Participants learn to break free from self-sabotaging habits and develop the tools to live a fulfilled, purposeful life filled with meaning and passion. These boutique trainings are empowering and focus specifically on inner changes on a cellular level.

The Awakening Trainings are exclusive retreats that are experiential and proven over decades through the success of our graduates. Industry leaders Colin and Kerry Smith guide attendees through the original training, which was first developed by psychologists and spiritual leaders in the early 1990’s.

Kerry and Colin have professionally trained with spiritual and thought leaders including Robbins-Madanes Training, Brendon Burchard, Roger Love, Judith Kravitz and many more. To learn more about The Awakening Trainings, upcoming classes and coaching opportunities, please visit or call (619) 631-8569

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