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Experience the Timeless Flavors of Persian Tradition: Persian Basket Unveils A Culinary Journey in Johns Creek

Updated: Apr 22

MARCH 27, 2024 (ATLANTA, GA) - Persian Basket, nestled in Johns Creek (GA), embraces a philosophy rooted in the art of delivering meticulously crafted and tempting dishes that echo the rich tapestry of Persian culinary heritage. Since opening in 2020 as a sister restaurant to Divan, Persian Basket has quickly built a reputation for serving the region's finest Persian food. Whether it's the aroma of freshly baked bread, the creamy delight of yogurt, or the diverse array of brunch, lunch, and dinner offerings, Persian Basket ensures an immersive experience where every palate discovers a beloved Persian delicacy.

At Persian Basket, guests are taken on a remarkable culinary journey through centuries of history and tradition fused with contemporary flavors. The authentic menu, a proud display of the treasured tastes of the Silk Road, guarantees an unforgettable dining experience. Relish in dishes passionately crafted and served in a romantic, intimate setting that transports you to a world of flavorful delights. Persian Basket's philosophy is straightforward yet profound: food should be genuine, innovative, and meticulously prepared. All ingredients are sourced from the finest local produce to present a menu overflowing with distinctive and exotic dishes. 

The restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday and serves up incredible lunch and dinner offerings alongside a full bar for guests with cocktails, beer, and an extensive selection of wines. For lunch and dinner, guests will enjoy a carefully prepared menu of starters (Mazza), entrees, Soups & Salads, sides, and, of course, enticing selections of desserts. Popular dishes at Persian Basket include their Persian Rice Cake, Koobideh Kabob, Springer Mtn Chicken Barg, and Spice Roasted Lamb Chops (Shish Leek).On the weekend, guests at Persian Basket can enjoy a robust and delicious Sunday brunch menu that includes local goat cheese, Mirza Ghasemi, Duck Leg Confit, Sujuk Omelets, Saffron Chicken Kabob and so much more. 

After a delightful lunch or dinner, guests can explore the Persian Basket market adjacent to the Kitchen & Bar.  Persians and enthusiasts of authentic Iranian cuisine outside of larger cities typically have less access to Persian food, spices, and other indigenous products from the region. To fill the gap, Max Lotfi and his wife, Arezoo Armaghan, embarked on a culinary journey in 2015 with the launch of, an online store that ships ready-to-eat meals, hard-to-find spice, and groceries everywhere in the US. The Persian Basket online store and John’s Creek market are always ready to assist guests in uncovering rare gems such as blue rock salt, barberries, and saffron, ensuring they have everything they need to recreate extraordinary flavors in their own kitchens.

Reservations: Open Table or call Persian Basket at 770-674-2779

Persian Basket Restaurant + Market: 2100 Ray Moss Connector; Johns Creek

Persian Basket Website:

Online Market:


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