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  • Bob Bradley

Duaxi Announces The Timeshare Alarm Clock

(WATERTOWN, WI) - November 30, 2017 - A revolutionary new alarm clock has been revealed courtesy of the new Wisconsin based technology startup, Duaxi. Formerly known as Alexa Electronics, the company recently rebranded and have been working on new product concepts that will soon be unveiled to the public. Their latest product, the Timeshare Alarm Clock, is being lauded as the only available dual facing, two display alarm clock on the market. In early 2016, the alarm clock prototype was presented as a proof of concept to early excitement and overwhelming enthusiasm.

The Timeshare Alarm Clock was brought to life by Duaxi founder and inventor Scott Buss, who saw a need for homeowners, college students and hotels to have an alarm clock that is visible from all areas of a room. The bluetooth compatible device also includes a swiveling dock that supports lightning (iPhone) and USB-C (Android) supported connectors, pivots to view the phone screen from multiple angles and boasts a high quality speaker for listening to music and making calls from your smartphone. Duaxi will be soon launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise production funds for the first round of Timeshare Alarm Clocks, and are planning multiple incentive tiers that will allow involvement on many levels.

Learn more about Duaxi products at

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