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Tattoo Artist Dillon Forte Opens Tattoo Ranch

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

The multi-talented tattooer, artist and entrepreneur opens his tattoo ranch just outside of Austin in Wimberley, TX.

(AUSTIN, TX) - FEB 07, 2023 - Austin based Tattoo Artist and entrepreneur Dillon Forte has announced the opening of his ambitious new “Tattoo Ranch” in Wimberley. Located just outside of Austin, his new FORTE ATX studio location caters to both locals and traveling clients looking for an elevated experience in tattooing. The 10 acre space includes a beautiful, spacious new studio for tattoo clients and also is the new home of Forte Tattoo Tech, a growing line of eco-friendly tattoo products.

The Tattoo Ranch will be used to host some of Forte’s upcoming events and plans that include events for the tattoo industry, FORTE art galleries and even spiritual retreats. The space houses some of Forte’s canvas art and other creative collaborations which include his incredible “Visualization Cube” and various art he has created with other brands (COZO, Inkbox etc). Visitors to the studio on the ranch can purchase products from Forte Tattoo Tech, which includes products other tattoo artists can use like ​​clip cord sleeves, eco pens, bottle bags, cling-film, ink caps and healing herbal salves.

For over a decade, the young artist has attracted a diverse clientele seeking out his unique brand of sacred geometry, blackwork and dotwork tattoo art. Forte has been featured extensively in the media, including spots by Entertainment Tonight, TMZ, Inked Magazine, Men’s Health and has worked with high-profile clients including Usher, Chris Hemsworth, Kat Von D, Kehlani and members of the group Imagine Dragons. He has also had media buzz from his international travels, convention appearances and tattooing at unique locations including Mount Everest, Alaska and even tattooing himself inside an Egyptian pyramid. Stay updated at

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About Dillon Forte:

World-renowned artist, Dillon Forte, is known for his contemporary style of Sacred Geometry in tattooing. Forte believes in viewing the body as a whole, creating harmonious designs to flow seamlessly with the skin. Since opening his first tattoo studio over a decade ago, Forte has developed an incredible online following and high-profile, international client base. He is currently living in Austin and running his studio out of his Wimberley, Texas tattoo ranch.

His other notable ventures include photography, painting, fashion/tech design, murals, gallery exhibitions and his product line Forte Tattoo Tech, which is his recently launched line of biodegradable tattoo supplies. Forte is available by appointment only. More about his Austin studio, canvas art, and latest happenings can be found at

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