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OVEREXPOSE - "Under My Skin" (Pressure Cracks etc)

"Featuring members of Pressure Cracks, The Returners, and a variety of other California hardcore and punk bands, hardcore punk quintet Overexposure channel the spirit of The Nerve Agents on their blistering new track, “Under My Skin,” out through War Against Records.

New Noise are proud to premiere the video for “Under My Skin” below:

On the track’s release, guitarist Jose Vasquez states:

“What started as a Nerve Agents worship projects between Ryan Doria and myself has evolved into what you see: five dudes who love California punk and hardcore and are determined to recapture that sound and energy.”

Formed in 2019, Overexposure came about through Ryan Doria talking to people about starting a Nerve Agents sounding band, pulling influences from late-‘90s Bay Area hardcore and punk alongside Minor Threat, Youth Of Today, Cro-Mags.

Finally, all the right people came together with that same common goal. Due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, the band was paused without really getting started.

Overexposure decided to continue writing songs remotely throughout quarantine and with the release of “Under My Skin,” they’re ready to show everyone what they’ve been working on and (hopefully) play some shows." - All copy via New Noise Magazine

Purchase and stream through War Against Records here.

Follow Overexposure on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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