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New York Based Real Estate Investor Welby Launches Personalized Consulting Program

Providing one on one insight and guidance for those ambitious about real estate and investing, Welby continues to build upon his respected and followed brand. Welby has launched a new website with information and products based on his seminars, consulting and industry successes.

(9.23.2020) - LONG ISLAND, NY - Making a pivot in the Real Estate industry during a pandemic is no problem for Long Island based Welby, who has announced the launch of a limited real estate consulting program along with a new website. With over a decade of experience in real estate investing and education throughout the New York and Connecticut regions, Welby felt the calling to give back by creating a series of seminars and consulting products that can give the everyday individual insight and direction on the steps needed to find success in real estate. His new website launched this week, and in the wake of the pandemic, limited blocks of time are available for purchase over Zoom or Skype.

The New York born, proudly Haitain entrepreneur had to learn about life, business and real estate the hard way. Through his intense successes and failures spread throughout multiple industries, Welby finally found that much needed momentum when he let his guard down, and let his intuition guide him where his business was meant to take him. His mantra “If I can do it, you can do it too” is simple, but powerful because he has been at the very bottom before taking the life-changing steps necessary to create positive change. His godfather served as a bit of inspiration as he was the first person in his family to own real estate, and that set a fire to learn the ways of ownership and truly understand what can be a cryptic industry. “I had multiple ventures go south before I really figured out the ways of real estate investing and that unbreakable positive mindset” says Welby. “After making my first couple investments in East Coast properties, I knew I was meant to create a dynamic and impactful change in real estate as others began asking me how I did it.”

Welby has built out a website not only to let people book time for limited consulting, but also to learn more about in-person opportunities to learn the step by step process of real estate investment. His seminar/events are held at the actual properties he is currently working on throughout Connecticut, giving attendees a hands-on approach that makes learning easy and very much tangible. Without disclosing private information, he gives a look at unseen information like bank statements, closing docs, wire transfer amounts and contractor bids to show real world costs and negotiating strategies. Welby’s seminars have sold out due to the intimate nature of the event with a cap of 50 people max being allowed. In the past he has attended all the larger real estate coaching and large scale events in hotel conference rooms, and wanted to create something that he bluntly describes as “cutting the bullshit, fluff and gets past people’s fears of building a life of their dreams through real estate investing.”

Welby is convinced that most people who seek out real estate events have the right intention of seeking knowledge, but often only leave only with the temporary buzz created by larger than life personalities. “I wanted to create a consulting program and brand that tells people how to do it, step by step, in order from what I do….to boom...deposit in the bank account and valuable assets locked in my portfolio” says Welby. “We all love a good Tony Robbins event, but that doesn’t tell you how to put money in the bank and build true success in specific industries like real estate. I’m here to tell my story, give you 110% access to me, hold you accountable and give you an honest education in real estate investing.” Welby’s website and booking information is now live online and can be found at

"Welby answered all the questions I had. He didn't sugarcoat anything, he told me what I was doing wrong and told me what I needed to do from start to finish. I have so much gratitude for what he had to offer, it really beats any book or video out there." - Raymond Schaffer

About Welby:

Welby is a Real Estate investor and consultant based in Long Island, NY. In the early days of his career, Welby began managing a number of properties during the subprime mortgage boom of the early 2000s. During this time of extreme change leading up to 2007/2008, Welby was constantly learning about real estate principles and strategies in order to develop himself into a thought leader and professional.

Over the years to follow he has organized multiple large scale seminars for real estate professionals, helping others develop tangible and valuable skills necessary to succeed in the market. While continuing to work on his own real estate investments, in 2020 Welby launched his website and consulting program in Fall 2020 to help work with clients virtually, while informing them of other upcoming events. For more information, visit

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