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Lords Of Dust Set To Reform Southern California Heavy Metal Scene

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

The band is set to play Planet Mammoth festival in Scottsdale AZ this March in support of their latest release Kickin Dust Up. New singles “Let’s Rip” and “Mr Stranger” out now.

(SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA) February 14, 2023 - Heavy Metal band Lords of Dust recently released their debut EP Kickin Dust Up, and their singles “Let’s Rip” and “Mr Stranger” are a must listen for anyone who appreciates massive riffs and killer guitar tones. The band leans into infectious 70’s inspired heavy metal with guitars soaked in fuzz, octave pedals, and when turned to 11 give listeners a wall of sound carried by vocalist Buco Haze and his melodic growl. The Sabbath influence runs strong on Kickin Dust Up, but there’s so much more to this diverse, high energy band that has been building a strong following around Los Angeles and beyond.

For fans of - Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Kyuss, Red Fang, Nirvana

Stream Kickin Dust Up on Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube

Tickets for Planet Mammoth Festival - Here

Download/View Press Photos - Here

The band tracked Kickin Dust Up in 2022 with producer/mix engineer Paul Miner (Death By Stereo, H20, Agnostic Front) and the EP follows-up their previous singles “Electric Jungle”, “Million Miles” and “Awaken The Smoke”. In just a few short years, Lords Of Dust have refined their sound, keeping a trademark “desert-stoner rock” type sound that is crucial to enthusiasts of the genre, but also adding complexity to the songs for the more discerning rock or metal listener. While “Blood on the Skulls” slows down the groove, the full EP is packed with doom/stoner energy and blows out headphones and is sure to be a timeless hit in the genre. Kickin Dust Up is a testament to the band’s dedication to having fun amongst friends and keeping the party going way past 2am. Go grab a beer, pass the spliff and bring your friends, cause you may have just found your new favorite heavy metal band.

Lords of Dust just announced they will be playing Planet Mammoth on March 10th in Scottsdale AZ at Pub Rock Live with Bongzilla, MF Ruckus, Deathchant and many others. The band has also shared the stage with Brant Bjork (Kyuss), Fu Manchu, The Well, Hippie Death Cult and Mothership. Learn more about Lords of Dust at - website link

Upcoming shows:

3/10/23 - Planet Mammoth Festival - Scottsdale, AZ (Tickets)

Media Contact:

Bob Bradley

Bradley PR and Marketing



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