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Jitjatjo, Staffing Marketplace App, Announces Game-Changing Benefit Program For Gig Workers

Better by Jitjatjo will now provide hired gig-workers with a suite of complementary healthcare and affordable wellness benefits. Other resources of Better by Jitjatjo include debt/credit counseling, credit score booster, housing counseling, teletherapy, pet wellness, travel benefits, and more.

(NEW YORK, NY) - MARCH 02, 2023 - Jitjatjo, a disruptive workforce management (WFM) and internal talent marketplace for contingent labor, has announced the launch of their industry-first benefits program for gig workers—Better by Jitjatjo.

Born from Jitjatjo’s human betterment mission, Better by Jitjatjo will offer gig workers a suite of benefits from health and finance to wellness and lifestyle perks.

Available to users of Flex beginning March 3rd, Better by Jitjatjo will launch with anchor partner, Avibra, the leading provider of personal well-being, risk, and protection solutions, with new benefits partners added each quarter.

While most traditional 9-5 jobs offer health insurance benefits, people working part-time or in the gig economy are often left out in the cold, with few opportunities for coverage. With the launch of Better, Jitjatjo will open up much anticipated benefit opportunities for workers using Flex by Jitjatjo in the United States, hoping to provide even more incentive to join their talent community. Jitjatjo is thrilled to make their mark, helping insure thousands of workers in a nation where 57 million households are currently without insurance coverage. Avibra will create an easy and very affordable gateway to secure much needed protection for the whole family.

“From day one, our plan was to create a platform that provides financial and career opportunities, improves people’s wellbeing, and helps our community to be better. We put community first, and our goal is to provide tools and essential benefits to help everyday Americans reach their goals,” said Tim Chatfield, CEO and Co-Founder of Jitjatjo. “We chose Avibra to anchor our benefit program because of their values alignment and depth of benefit options. This alliance is truly rooted in our core values and purpose, as we continue to evolve with the new era of working. Providing an easy, affordable road to healthcare and wellness benefits is something we care deeply about, and moving forward will be one of our proudest offerings as a company.”

Partnering with Avibra will empower gig workers to cover their physical and mental health needs via their easy-to-use app. Regardless of job or income, Jitjatjo workers that enroll with Avibra will receive complimentary life and AD&D insurance, counseling services and Rx discounts. Also, optional a-la-carte benefits only cost $1 per week and include additional insurance coverage, pet wellness, roadside assistance, and more. This unique partnership leverages Avibra’s groundbreaking access to affordable insurance benefits, wellness services and financial guidance.

“The way we work is changing dramatically in 2023. Americans appreciate the control and balance that gig work brings, but they can feel uncertain without a safety net. Demand for a solution has accelerated,” said Yogesh Shetty, Avibra CEO and Founder. “Avibra is excited to partner with Jitjatjo to help gig workers live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives on their own terms. This is the future of work.”

About Jitjatjo:

Since 2015, Jitjatjo has developed workforce management and talent marketplace solutions that empower organizations with frontline workers to embrace flexible labor, scale service quality, and enhance compliance. Network by Jitjatjo is a gig-work platform for internal and external labor that leverages A.I. and Empathic Intelligence to transform the way people work, optimize resourcing, and increase productivity. Learn more about the Jitjatjo’s flexible work and workforce management offerings at

About Avibra:

Avibra helps consumers from all walks of life by offering affordable financial, well-being and protection coverage. Avibra works with retailers, gig platforms, fintechs and more to unlock basic safety-net benefits through their enterprise platform. By providing access to a previously underserved population, Avibra’s mission is to help more individuals feel happier, healthier and safer. For more information, visit


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