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Hatchets For Hands Announce Debut EP, ‘Convulsions of a Dying Empire’

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) - Hatchets For Hands have unveiled details on their forthcoming debut EP ‘Convulsions of a Dying Empire’, which is officially set for a 5/11 digital release. The San Francisco based duo is known for their wall of sound production and aim to turn heads with their unique brand of melodic death metal, thrash and American heavy metal. Their leadoff track “Warpath” was previewed today via influential website Ghost Cult Magazine and their tracklist and artwork has been revealed.

Over the past year Hatchets For Hands have been holed up in San Francisco’s famous Hyde Street Studios perfecting the 7 song EP and also enlisted respected industry veteran Howie Weinberg (Pantera, Nirvana) to master the effort. Photography for Hatchets comes courtesy of iconic photographer and documentarian Peter Beste (True Norwegian Black Metal, Houston Rap). Previous singles including “Mistress Death” and “To The Grave” had impressive media coverage (Metal Injection etc) and both tracks have fully been reimagined and recorded for the Convulsions EP.

Hatchets formed years ago when guitarist/bassist Brian Parks and vocalist/drummer Cullen Poythress were living in the Tenderloin District of San Francisco and were motivated to create heavy music that reflected their collective musical tastes in metal. Although Parks and Poythress and have found other creative and business successes outside of music, the duo continues to build their legacy by making authentic death metal that will melt the ears off even the more discerning of metal purists. “Warpath” can be heard below and will be available on Youtube and Soundcloud indefinitely.


EP Pre-Order Via Apple Music

‘Convulsions of a Dying Empire’ Tracklist

  1. Warpath

  2. Dissention

  3. Food For The Gun

  4. To The Grave

  5. No Hope

  6. Mistress Death

  7. Convulsions

About Hatchets For Hands:

Formed in a makeshift studio in the heart of San Francisco's Tenderloin District, Hatchets For Hands is the studio project of musician producers Brian Parks and Cullen Poythress. Driven by a mutual obsession for authentic musicianship and heavy metal, the band takes cues from many styles within the genre—nodding elements of early American thrash, grind, and traditional death to the soaring leads and infectious melodies akin to Northern Europe's melodic death metal exports. Hatchets For Hands will be releasing their debut EP ‘Convulsions of a Dying Empire’ on May 11th, 2018.

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