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Enviro-Care Pest & Termite Control Continues To Service The Orange County And Surrounding Regions

With the quickly developing changes surrounding COVID-19, the Orange based company is classified as an essential business and continues to provide uninterrupted service.

(ORANGE, CA) - MARCH 23, 2020 -- Enviro-Care Pest & Termite Control, based in Southern California in the heart of Orange County, has updated their customers that they will continue to service the region as an essential business provider. Enviro-Care and their highly-experienced team have taken extensive measures to ensure the utmost safety for their technicians and loyal customers through these unprecedented times. Those with any questions or concerns are encouraged to contact their office at (714) 744-1411 to discuss options and to schedule upcoming services.

The California Department of Public Health, through enactments by Governor Gavin Newsom continues to enact protective measures that ensure the safety of California residents and businesses. Enviro-Care Pest & Termite Control, along with select other services and industries have been designated as “essential critical infrastructure sectors”, and will continue to serve the region with the highest quality, caution and service.

“We are proud to be serving the residents and businesses of Orange County while fully cooperating with these temporary and protective measures” says Ed Carter, President of Enviro-Care.

Although Enviro-Care Pest & Termite Control has been in business for over 25 years, the company was purchased in 2014 by Orange County resident Ed Carter and has experienced exponential growth ever since. With their strong reputation for providing top level services at competitive pricing, Enviro-Care stands out by sticking to their unwavering values of customer service and giving back to the community through charities and fundraising events. The core services of Enviro-Care include both residential and commercial pest and termite services, and you can learn more by visiting or calling (714) 744-1411.

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Bob Bradley

Bradley Public Relations & Marketing


About Enviro-Care Pest & Termite Control:

Enviro-Care is the company to call for all your pest and termite control issues. No one wants to live in pest infested quarters. You and your family should never be subjected to a pest infested home or business. Pests, big and small, are more than a nuisance. They are a health hazard. They destroy food, clothing, furniture and buildings. Enviro-Care is there to make certain that pests remain where they should: out of your home, out of your business, out of your office…out of your life.

But getting rid of your pest issue is only a part of what Enviro-Care does. If you wish to take control of pests before they take control of your life or business, give our pest control specialists a call for more information on our pest control programs. Why leave the health and safety of your family, customers, employees or business up to chance? Pests strike when you least expect it. Pest or termite infestations often go unnoticed. The truth of the matter is, most people who have dealt with a pest issue in the past will tell you that their pest infestation problem was already way out of control by the time they first noticed something was amiss.

Don't try to tackle your pest problem on your own. You will soon find that, unless you are a pest control specialist, store bought remedies are no match for your uninvited guests.

Let Enviro-Care take care of your problem once and for all, safely and effectively, resulting in a pest free, healthy environment. You deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your property is cared for by Enviro-Care. Do not hesitate to call or email Enviro-Care today for more information or to set up an appointment.

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