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Betty Moon Announces New Album Cosmicoma

The Los Angeles songwriter and producer announces news on her 10th studio album, new single and upcoming music video. Stream the energetic and driving new track “My Only One” now on Spotify and Apple Music.

(LOS ANGELES, CA) - April 22, 2021 - Southern California based producer and songwriter Betty Moon has announced a May 21st release for her new album ‘COSMICOMA’. The effort is Moon’s 10th studio album and is the follow-up to her much buzzed and highly praised 2020 release ‘Little Miss Hollywood’. Fans can stream her new single “My Only One” on Spotify and Apple Music.

Despite what has been some challenging times for the music world, Betty Moon has used the time at home as an advantage, penning 8 new tracks with a rock driven soul that Betty Moon produced within the arena of her brand and style. As those familiar with Moon’s music can expect, each album steers in fresh directions musically while always giving a nod to her rock n’ roll roots. “My Only One” shows listeners she hasn’t forgotten her early sound that made her famous, and also injects progressive elements with those unique touches from her engineering and mixing skills. Betty Moon produced the album at her Southern California studio while enlisting longtime collaborators Justin Smolian and Owen Barry to bring the album to life.

Moon’s music has earned widespread media support from Billboard, American Songwriter, Celebmix, Consequence of Sound, Discobelle, New Noise, Hype Machine, Substream, Spill and dozens of others. She continues to blend elements of her classic sound and modern electronic/pop directions to create music that The Other Side Reviews says “grips you and takes you on a sonic journey” and “covers everything she has to offer from old-school rock to soulful downtempo songs to electronic-pop blasts.” ‘COSMICOMA’ will be released on May 21st and “My Only One” (released April 16th) is on streaming platforms now.

Betty Moon on her focus tracks “My Only One” and “Where My Heart Is”:

“My Only One”, the first song off my upcoming new album is a mix of pop and dark melodies, with chugging guitars, and a chorus which may resonate with many women… and men for that matter. Infidelity is a great topic to reflect on and poke fun at and I wanted the listener to be able to make it their own. I think you'll like the quirky sound that has organically developed on it. It’s “always fun” hint, hint. I hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed making it.”

"I wanted to write something a bit more stripped down and rooted with an acoustic. “Where My Heart Is” is one of the closers on 'Cosmicoma' and brings a bit of a "piece de resistance" to an album packed full of energy, memorable guitar riffs and loaded as usual with Betty Moon attitude. I took things in a bit more of a rock direction on this album so this track tones things down a bit, while also still telling true tales from my life experience".

Stream “My Only One” on Spotify and Apple Music

Track Listing:

  1. Black Bloods

  2. My Only One (Single)

  3. Give You Up

  4. I’m A Mean Girl

  5. The Mexican

  6. Are You Ready For Me

  7. Where My Heart Is

  8. Screamatorium

Learn more about Betty Moon online at or via her Instagram or Facebook page

About Betty Moon:

Betty Moon is an artist, songwriter and producer from Los Angeles California. Since being signed to a major label in the 90’s, Betty Moon has been known for her DIY work ethic and has since self-released 10 albums via her own label Evolver Music, Inc. Moon has continued to defy industry trends, earning worldwide retail airplay, online and college radio rotation and record numbers with thousands of Spotify followers, 1.6M+ Facebook fans and over 98,000 followers on Instagram.

Moon’s music draws influence from underground sounds ranging from rock, soul, punk rock, electronic and electro-pop soaked with aggressive, empowering, yet somehow soothing, electrifying the listener with it’s big bold energy. Moon wrote, produced and mixed her newest album COSMICOMA, which continues to inject genuine sex appeal, soulful vocal prowess and massive production all the while experimenting with new sounds and modern genre trends.

Moon is also known for her company Evolver Music Inc. and her music has been featured in a variety of television shows and films including Californication, Dexter, Bounty Hunters, Teen Mom Young & Pregnant, Walking the Dead, Last Gasp and the upcoming film Butter. Moon’s first album deal was with A&M Records, and her self-titled debut LP was released with multiple award nominations while living and touring throughout Canada.

Hundreds of respected media sources have featured and reviewed Moon's music including Exclaim!, Huffington Post, Celebmix, Ask Men, Rawckus and more. Betty Moon recently wrapped on her newly announced album ‘COSMICOMA’, which promises to build upon her unique brand of pop-alternative sounds complimented by her seductive, powerful and widely recognized voice.

Her latest single “My Only One” is available now and the new album ‘COSMICOMA‘ will be available on Spotify and Apple Music May 21st. Learn more about Betty Moon at -

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