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African Dream Foods Announces New Product Line Of Sauces, Salts And Seasonings

The brand has launched a Kickstarter campaign and official website to host their high quality sauces and salt products that will directly benefit conservation efforts in Africa. Their initial product line includes 12 different sauces, salts and seasonings.

ORANGE COUNTY, CA - (2/9/2021) - International brand African Dream Foods has launched their exciting new brand of sauces and spices inspired by the culture and flavors of Africa. With operations in both Orange County and South Africa, all products are developed and imported from Africa while carefully being made with all natural ingredients. Upon launch of their online store, partial proceeds from all products will benefit conservation efforts and organizations in Africa. African Dream Foods launched their Kickstarter campaign today, giving backers the first opportunity to try their products and benefit from exciting incentive tiers. The Kickstarter campaign will directly help with the product manufacturing and overall launch.

African Dream Foods offers 8 unique sauces, 3 spicy salts and their Safari Smoke Seasoning. Their sauce flavors include Bird's Eye Chilli, Ghost Peri-Peri, Habanasco Fermented Habanero, Sweet Dream Sauce, Southern Braai, Jalanasco Fermented Jalapeno, Lemon & Garlic Peri-Peri and African Ghost Pepper. Salt and seasoning offerings include Habanero, Ghost Pepper, Smoked Chipotle Salt and their unique Safari Smoke Seasoning. The sauces will be available in either 5 and/or 16.91oz bottles and the salts will be sold in grinder bottles. Additionally, the sauces (except Southern Braai and Sweet Dream) will be available in a special 50ml Travel/Gift Variety Packs.

African Dream Foods is a project developed from the various passions of entrepreneur David Schmunk. His curiosity to see and experience new things ultimately brought him to South Africa — where a new journey and the love affair with the beauty, vitality, culture, people, scenery, and flavors of the country began. David wanted to create a business which combined his passions for travel, food, hot sauce, and spices with Africa, photography, and wildlife conservation.

“This line of sauces and salts is our way of bringing the incredible flavors of Africa to the US and beyond” says Schmunk. “The giving back aspect of the brand is one I hope will grow over time, and there’s no better way to earn the attention of an audience than through their taste buds. The conservation efforts in Africa need our help, and I’m proud to create a brand that serves a greater cause.”

The official African Dream Foods web store is also now live for product pre-orders, which will ship towards the end of March 2021. The Kickstarter page is also live and more details on the brand can be found at the links below.

African Dream Foods Salts and Seasonings:

Safari Smoke Seasoning

Ghost Pepper Salt

Habanero Chilli Salt

Smoked Chipotle Salt

African Dream Foods Sauces:

African Ghost Pepper Sauce

Lemon & Garlic Peri-Peri Sauce

Ghost Peri-Peri Sauce

Bird’s Eye Chilli Sauce

Habanasco - Fermented Habanero Hot Sauce

Jalanasco Fermented Jalapeno Sauce

Sweet Dream Sauce

Southern Braai Sauce

About African Dream Foods:

African Dream Foods is a purpose-driven food brand of sauces and spices that bring the amazing tastes of natural, wholesome foods from Africa to the world. Founder David Schmunk created the product line to bring awareness to and benefit the conservation efforts throughout the region. The brand works with the farmers, business owners and producers to create not only a delicious product line, but a brand that partial proceeds directly help top wildlife conservation groups that make a difference.

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