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Because Love Launches Gift Line To Support Individuals Coping With Cancer Recovery

Chicago based startup Because Love releases two giftable and customizable products to support those going through cancer treatment. The LOVE HEALS Journal and BIG HUG Lap Blanket are both now available for purchase online.

Love Heals Journal + Big Hug Lap Blanket

CHICAGO, IL (June 20, 2018) – Illinois based startup Because Love has unveiled two deeply personal products geared towards individuals looking to comfort friends, loved ones and even strangers coping with the difficult process of cancer treatment. Now available for sale online, the LOVE HEALS Journal and BIG HUG Lap Blanket are two beautifully unique and customizable products that are gifted to those anytime during the healing process. Both products can open up meaningful conversations and deliver a message that can be difficult to convey face to face, and provides the recipient with that much needed love and support.

The LOVE HEALS Journal is a fully customizable gift with 160 pages stylized with purposeful embellishments including journal prompts, gold paper clip tassels, small envelopes (for retail therapy), a bookmark and 90 blank pages to fill with thoughts, drawings and so much more. The journal is meant to be gifted with the intent of personalized love and support, and then used by the recipient to share their thoughts during those both difficult and uplifting moments. The BIG HUG lap blanket is equally as thoughtful, and is given to wrap up and stay warm knowing they are loved and always being thought of. The blanket includes 6 customizable message tags with jewel and grommet closures that can be signed with individual messages.

Chicago native Arona Martin, a multi-entrepreneur and overall champion of giving back founded Because Love in early 2018 after dealing with the loss of her close friend to cancer and was inspired to create a platform to help support others dealing with cancer treatment. In addition to growing Because Love, Martin spends her time operating her successful Chicago based event production company OAE (Oh, Arona Experiences) and volunteering abroad to give back to those in need.

Purchase the LOVE HEALS Journal and the BIG HUG Lap Blanket online at

About Because Love:

By founder Arona Martin

This project came directly out of my heart for a very dear friend, Jessica, who at age 31 years old, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Not knowing what else to do, and using my art therapy background, I bought a blank journal and filled it with all the love, sass, and glitter I could find – writing prompts, doodling prompts, get your anger out prompts, prompts to throw a crayon temper tantrum (on the page) – whatever would help her get through the battle of her life. she loved it, and often told me how much it helped her with all that she was going through day to day.

While sitting in waiting rooms and therapy bays, other women asked where they could buy one. She would tell me of these conversations and I would make a few more to give to these women. That is when I decided to pursue bringing the journal to market so that others could feel comforted and loved like Jessica did.

Our products from Because Love give us, the friends and family, something to gift and shows that we care without having to have those awkward conversations (the ones that terrify us and we avoid). We can just give them the book, and then run away and hide if we need to, but still know….that they know….that we love them! The BIG HUG Lap Blanket is for that too! It gives us a way to love when we can't be close to give a real hug.

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