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(SACRAMENTO, CA) JUNE 7, 2023 - Sages, a Sacramento-based rock band known for their distinctive and impactful sound, has been putting the final touches on their new self-titled EP. With their powerful songwriting and infectious blend of musical elements, Sages have captured a loyal following around Sacramento and beyond. The band will release their new single “Walk Away” on 6/16 and will also be included on the upcoming EP this Summer. The track and EP were engineered, mixed, and produced by Beau Burchell (Saosin, Senses Fail, Erra, etc).

For media preview of track please email

Led by the majestic and emotive vocals of Dean Vidovich, Sages takes listeners on a journey of self-introspection and inspiration. Vidovich's evocative voice serves as a guide, leading the way through a sonic landscape that blends atmospheric vocal melodies and multi-layered guitars crafted by Vidovich and Ryan Cavalli. This fusion creates a tidal sound wave rarely achieved within such concise song structures. Providing the solid foundation that supports the band's expansive palette are Matt Franks (Simon Says) on bass guitar and Chris Robyn (Black Map, Crosses, Far) on drums, whose thunderous rhythm section captivates and entrances listeners.

Through happenstance, the power of song, exploration, and analysis of the simulation in 2020, Vidovich, Franks, Cavalli, and Robyn found the necessary connection to focus and create. Immediately a flood of new music arrived and was derived from the collective excitement and depths of the soul not previously tapped. The cohesiveness with which the sound and vision are held allows Sages to inspire each other and push their individual talents beyond prior heights.

As Sages embark on this new chapter, they are eager to share this new energy with their fans and introduce new listeners to their captivating music. With new tracks pouring out of them, Sages promises to leave an indelible mark on the music scene. Sages have been featured by sites such as Broken Amp, Metal at The Gates, New Noise, Alt Press, AXS, and All Access.

June 16th - Old Ironsides - Sacramento, CA - Tickets and venue website

For media inquiries, interviews, or booking requests, please contact:

Bob Bradley or Wendy Ford

To learn more about Sages and stay updated on their latest releases and performances, visit their Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Spotify.


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