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The Texas-based Metal Outfit continues to Impress with a Unique Blend of Melody and Power.

DALLAS, TX - (March 19, 2024) - Last Night of Solace, the dynamic metal four-piece hailing from North Texas, continues to crush audiences with their distinctive fusion of heartfelt vocals, intricate melodies, and progressive rhythms. Comprising Cameron Foley on vocals, Seth Andy on drums, Kennedy Boynton and Jeiden Lovell on guitars, and Austin Hunt on bass, the band has carved a niche in this modern and highly competitive music scene. The band is wrapping up new music for a late Spring release and will announce a full July US tour.

Press photo by Cheyannne Singleton

Since the release of their debut album "Too Far Gone" in 2023, Last Night of Solace has earned significant attention, accumulating over half a million streams online. Their music, characterized by its radio-friendly production, hardcore/metal undertones, and a blend of emotive lyricism with powerful instrumentals, has resonated deeply with fans around Texas and worldwide. Their latest single, “Fractured,” features guest vocals from Sleeping With Sirens vocalist Kellin Quinn.

Not content to simply dominate the airwaves, Last Night of Solace has shared stages with some of the industry's most notable acts, including Escape The Fate, Until I Wake, Dark Divine, Catch Your Breath, Point North, Notions, Garzi, Fit For an Autopsy, Element Eighty, and numerous others. Their electrifying performances have left audiences spellbound, earning them praise and accolades from fans and fellow musicians.

The band's impressive repertoire and stage presence were fully displayed at the renowned So What!? Music and Monster Mosh Music festivals in 2023, where they showcased their talent and solidified their status as a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene. With their dedication to pushing musical boundaries and delivering unforgettable performances, Last Night of Solace is poised for even greater success in the years to come.

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