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ROT Announce Release of New LP ‘...As One’

The Twin Cities hardcore group sets a September 4th release date via War Against Records including the single “Spirit” available on Spotify, Apple Music and most streaming services.

(TWIN CITIES, MO) August 28, 2020 - ROT intends to make their listeners uncomfortable, and will do just that with their new album “...As One”. Set for release Friday 9/4, ROT unleashes 10 relentless tracks that will open minds with the blunt force of a sledgehammer, addressing topics that society refuses to face head on. The LP will be released on digital streaming services, along with collectors vinyl packages now posted for pre-order. The single and video for “Spirit”, which is included on the LP, is now available and premiered via Brooklyn Vegan.

Listen to “Spirit” on Spotify | Apple Music | Bandcamp

Watch Music Video on Youtube

On the heels of ROT’s 2019 EP ‘Nothing’s Changed’ the band is once again working with Southern California label War Against Records, who have announced a limited set of vinyl for pre-order and will ship after the digital release. The band draws influences from multiple areas of hardcore, including groups like Kublai Khan, Comeback Kid and Stick To Your Guns. The band formed in 2018 and shares members of other area groups including Nanashi, Swing Low, While God Sleeps, Mithya, SLNCR, and War Prayer. Over the past couple years, the band has shared the stage with Kublai Khan, Orthodox, I AM, Defeater, and Sanction.

“While the world continues to distract itself from core issues, we wanted to make a statement that people can’t ignore” says ROT vocalist Arrold Walton. “We write songs that talk about issues people need to wake up to, and sometimes it takes music to deliver that message and actually open people’s minds. Turn off the fucking TV, and know that now more than ever is the time to make a change that will help the world unite”.

1 Overdrive

2 Exhaust

3 Pressed

4 ...As One

5 Ask

6 Beretta

7 Technicolor Yawn

8 Empty Hope

9 Spirit (Listen)

10 Daggers

About ROT:

ROT is a Twin Cities based group that takes cues from past and present sounds of underground hardcore, punk and extreme metal. The band aims to make their unique mark in a tried and tested scene, spitting rage-fueled lyrics on topics many tend to avoid in a modern society that seeks comfort. ROT demands your attention, knows the world needs deep-thinkers, and wants to open your eyes to deep seeded issues in a culture that continues to look the other way.

ROT features ex and current members of Nanashi, Swing Low, While God Sleeps, Mithya, SLNCR, and War Prayer. Their single “Spirit” will be released 8/28


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