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Updated: Jan 14

The eclectic California based songwriter/vocalist, producer and performer is making waves with his incredible mix of unforgettable alt/symphonic rock songwriting and creative imagery. The 5 song ‘So Says The Sound’ EP dropped on Friday (1/5), listen to current single “The Mountain That Turned Upside Down” on Spotify or Apple Music.

Stream the ‘So Says The Sound’ EP on Spotify | Apple Music

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Download/View Robbie Fitzsimmons Press Photos + Art (Photo Credit - Shane Izykowski)

(LOS ANGELES, CA) - 01/11/2024 - Robbie Fitzsimmons, an accomplished LA based songwriter, pianist and singer, has released a new single and accompanying EP called “So Says the Sound” (released Friday, January 5th). Fitzsimmons is in the middle of a 45 week rollout of additional new songs that includes a new single drop every 6 weeks. “So Says the Sound” and the upcoming full length album, ‘Blue Meets Orange’ come on the heels of his highly praised 2023 singles “Making Castles” and “Circles”.

Robbie Fitzsimmons is no stranger to the music industry, as he has spent a good portion of his career not only writing his own music, but also working behind the scenes with some of the biggest artists and industry producers. Robbie was mentored in songwriting by Paul Simon and has performed around the world at Glastonbury, Burning Man, Coachella, EDC and at private parties for Elon Musk, HBO and more. He holds Platinum RIAA status for his work on Lana Del Rey’s “Ultraviolence”, Guy Lalimberte (Cirque Du Soleil), and takes pride in extending his gifts into the world of other artists in multiple genres of music. His songwriting is deeply personal, and as a LGBTQ + artist living with bipolar disorder, each production comes from a place that is truly authentic and soulful. 

Fitzsimmons believes that vulnerability transcends conversation, and can be heard, felt and understood through each and every song that he creates.

“So Says The Sound” and the upcoming ‘Blue Meets Orange’ LP is a love letter to listeners and fellow creatives who live with their own unique challenges, and he hopes to bring people together through openly personal lyrics that are relatable and also comforting. His incredible falsetto voice and brilliant songwriting would easily be enough to stand out, but then the Fitzsimmons brand is even further elevated with hypnotic, theater-inspired live shows, photography and album artwork that showcase an electrifying side of Fitzsimmons. This well-rounded, deeply talented persona is incredibly rare in today’s industry, and his rise to new levels of notoriety is just around the corner. 

For Listeners of - Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Queen, Rufus Wainwright, Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, Elton John, David Bowie, Muse etc

Live and studio lineup - Robbie Fitzsimmons (Vocals, Piano), Adam Tressler (Guitar), Daniel Pritchett (Bass), Kiel Feher (Drums)

Upcoming Shows:

2/02 - The Mint - Los Angeles, CA (w/ Centershift, Robbie Fitzsimmons, MAL)

About Robbie Fitzsimmons:

In the diverse realm of music, California based artist Robbie Fitzsimmons emerges as a vivid symbol of authenticity. The renowned singer-songwriter has a remarkable ability to transform life's challenges into melodic narratives that have an incredible impact well beyond the final note. With music industry experience as both a professional songwriter, pianist and vocalist, he proudly holds a Platinum RIAA album for his contributions to Lana Del Rey's "Ultraviolence," showcasing an artistic influence that extends beyond himself and illuminates the intricate contours of the human experience. 

What sets Robbie apart is a distinctive voice and songwriting style that is a gift to both himself and those he works with —a voice that courageously delves into the complexities of identity, love, and mental health through a poetic lens. His work transcends the realm of music, evolving into a profound life story, a candid confession woven into captivating melodies. His new LP ‘Blue Meets Orange’ has been announced for a 2024 release, and in 2023 he released the highly-praised EP ‘The Mountain That Turned Upside Down’. 

Each song being released throughout 2024 isa step in Robbie's intimate journey with bipolar disorder, where the interplay of blue—the color of depression—and orange—the hue of mania—creates a vivid palette narrating tales of resilience, recovery, and self-discovery. Supported by a full band and string orchestra, each recorded song and live performance becomes a beacon of understanding for those navigating a similar path. He only hopes to reveal the depth of his commitment to transparency and the universal truth that our most challenging experiences often shape our most profound creations.

Media Contact:

Bob Bradley

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