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New Documentary Lawtown Explores The National Opioid Epidemic On A Local Level

(LOS ANGELES, CA) - 3.18.19 - Lawtown, the gripping new documentary that explores the ongoing national opioid crisis, is now available worldwide on Vimeo on demand. The film explores a widely publicized, sweeping issue from the point of view of the small town of Lawrence, MA. The film can now be purchased and previewed via Vimeo on demand.

Lawtown, an insightful, often uncomfortable, yet-critical to watch documentary on Lawrence, Massachusetts’ ongoing opioid crisis, is now available to purchase on Vimeo on demand. Created over a 1 year period beginning in late 2016, director Justyn Moro and award-winning production company Anthem Films set out to piece together brutally honest footage, community member interviews and expert research on this Nationwide problem. Local Lawrence lawmakers, citizens and actual heroin dependent users candidly provide perspectives that are very much real and showcase an unfortunate problem that lacks the an eagerly sought-after solution.

Lawtown carefully uncovers Lawrence, a tightly knit blue collar Massachusetts community as a Northeast gateway for drug trafficking and throughout the film puts the pieces together through almost 12 months worth of research, interviews and painfully real footage and carefully sourced news clips. This is not a film without hope, as most would like to fix the problem that has clearly become a nationwide, sweeping epidemic. “The documentary visuals are stark, including a succession of broadcast news clips of some of the city's worst moments over the last few years” says The Eagle Tribune, a local area newspaper. This documentary may highlight drug use and the systems that develop surrounding this hub for heroin and corruption, but the film is a large dose of reality for anyone concerned or curious about fixing a problem that affects millions of Americans yearly.

Lawtown is the brainchild of Justyn Moro, Patrick Flaherty, and Max Rose, who partnered with Anthem Films and set out with an objective of finding a story amongst the chaos of the opioid problem in this small Massachusetts. Moro spearheaded the creation of the documentary after having an emotional reaction over the death of a dear friend due to a overdose. The film was pieced together over most of 2017 and stars, Tom Duggan, Tina Croteau, William Green, and Anthony Sideri. Lawtown was executive produced by DJay Brawner of Anthem Films, edited by Anjoum Agrama and scored by acclaimed composer Mark Yaeger. The film is available now to buy for $9.99 on Vimeo on demand, and will soon see a wide release via other video mediums.

Purchase film via Vimeo on demand -

Duration - 1hr 15min

Available - Worldwide

Rating - Mature audiences

Film type - Documentary

Directed by - Justyn Moro

About Lawtown:

Lawtown explores the country's current opioid epidemic by focusing on the community members of Lawrence, Massachusetts, a blue collar town and gateway city at the heart of the crisis. A town that struggles to find balance between a corrupt government, the cartels, and the people who live there. Lawtown focuses on five people affected by the opioid problem in Lawrence, and how they are working towards a positive future despite many roadblocks ahead of them. The film also features a rare interview with William Lantiqua, former mayor of Lawrence, MA, and a person surrounded in controversy.

Media Contact:

Djay Brawner

Anthem Films


Bob Bradley

Bradley Public Relations & Marketing


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