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Press release via Kat Von D Management:

Multi-hyphenate artist, Kat Von D, known for her history-making tattoos, television shows, best-selling books, and influential beauty empire, is returning to her roots with a mesmerizing new single ‘Vampire Love’ – the first single off her forthcoming album, expected to release next year. Co-written by the legendary Shep Solomon (Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion) and Fernando Garibay (Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Kylie Minogue), this goth-disco track delves into the depths of human desire for eternal love. ‘Vampire Love’ is available to stream here and is accompanied by a captivating Halloween-themed music video directed by horror maestro Ryan Valdez, featuring model Julien Crane and renowned Spanish artist Vinila Von Bismark. Watch the video HERE.

Photo by Sad Swim

Before achieving fame in the tattoo and beauty industry, Kat Von D devoted hours of her daily life to music, making it her first love and creative outlet, whilst her classical training and appreciation for music of all genres formed the foundation of her artistic journey. Her music now resonates within the goth/synthwave genre and has gained critical acclaim from publications such as Billboard, Loudwire, Consequence, Flaunt Magazine, and Revolver Magazine. New single ‘Vampire Love’ follows the success of her debut album, Love Made Me Do It (KVD/Kartel Music Group), and the Exorcisms EP, solidifying her status as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Speaking about new single ‘Vampire Love’ she expresses, “’Vampire Love’ is a vibey, goth-disco jam about our desire for eternal love. I absolutely loved getting to write it with the legendary Shep Solomon. I saw the idea for the music video in my head as we were writing the song, and it was so cool to see it come to life”

Kat Von D’s musical journey took a significant turn when she studied singing with the renowned Ken Tamplin, dedicating herself to daily vocal training. In 2012, she began a collaborative partnership with GRAMMY® Award-nominated legend Linda Perry, and her songwriting skills blossomed. Kat continued to craft emotionally charged songs while sitting at her piano, pouring raw emotions into her music.

Despite living in the constant glare of the spotlight, Kat Von D’s music has taken center stage in her life. As Music Connection stated, “Kat Von D is an act worth paying attention to; as her reason for doing this is inspired by love”.

‘Vampire Love’ marks a powerful return to the music scene for Kat Von D, offering a hauntingly beautiful soundscape that captivates listeners with its darkly romantic allure.

“A pastiche of shapeshifting analog synths, post-punk dreamscapes, gothic hues, and shy pop magnetism, these eleven songs echo the eternal will of the perennially brokenhearted to love until death” – Loudwire

“‘It evokes the sheen of the ’80s gothic synthwave that partially inspired her musical journey” – Consequence

“Von D belts with a commanding coolness that would suggest she’s been making this kind of thing for a solid decade longer than she has” – Revolver Magazine

Press Contact:

Bob Bradley

Vampire Love - Single Art (Above)

Kat Von D - Press photos by Sad Swim (Below)


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