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(CLEVELAND, OH) - 7/20/2023 - GROUNDSTATE, the Cleveland rock duo formed by brothers Aidan and Connor Smith, have announced their sophomore album The Things We Leave Unsaid. Set for an August 11th release via Auspicious Recordings/Wolf Entertainment, the 11 track effort was recorded by acclaimed rock producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobastank, Centershift). Previously released tracks from the album include “Floating Away”, and their current single “Perfect Timing”, which has been seeing recent success at radio. Groundstate captures an alt/rock sound of the late 90’s/early 2000’s that has seen a major resurgence over the past couple of years.


Listen to past material - Spotify | Apple Music | Youtube

Download/View Press Materials (photos by Devon Keller)

RIYL - Staind, Trust Company, Chevelle, Sevendust, Three Days Grace etc

Groundstate formed in 2014 when the brothers Conor Smith and Aidan Smith began writing music with a hard rock tinge that pays homage to the heavy, alt sounds of recent decades while placing their own modern stamp on each creation. After playing memorable early shows at the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame and Tri-C Rock Off, the duo quickly developed a loyal fan base around the Ohio region. Over the last 8 years the band has since supported major national acts as direct support (Saliva etc) and earned national airplay on rock/alternative radio stations.

During the album recording process Aidan Smith also contributed guitars on the latest Centershift album A Different Shade of Color, also produced by Wirt. Groundstate will continue ramping up regional tours, shows and festival dates for Summer and Fall 2023.

Artist/Album Quotes From Connor Smith, Lead Vocalist of Groundstate

On the album:

“The Things We Leave Unsaid” is a profound and sonically intense record that explores a variety of themes throughout its 11 song run, with topics ranging from addiction and relationships, to intrapersonal reflection of the past. This record captures an important point in time for us as a band, and I think that really translates into these songs.” -Connor Smith (Lead Vocals)

On the single “Perfect Timing”:

“Perfect Timing is a song I (Aidan) penned the lyrics to during a particularly intense period of anxiety. I’ve struggled with mental health for my entire life and it’s something that’s extremely important to me. Writing songs has always been the best form of therapy for me, so this song really helped pull me out of a really dark place. It was pretty messed up, it got to the point where it was like “Ok, either I try suicide or I find a way through this.” So writing this song was my way through it. Having this song come out, I’m really hoping that someone else who really needs help out of a fucked up place hears it and is able to find some comfort in it. It helped me and I want it to help as many other people as it possibly can.”

On the recording:

“Our incredible recording sessions with Jim Wirt produced some really great singles, including “Perfect Timing”, “Floating Away” and others we can’t wait to show you” says Conor Smith. “The cool thing about Jim is that everything is organic, real drums, amps and sorting through your own pedals and gear he has laying around the studio. It has that live feel that captures the real emotion of the songs and lyrics.”

“In a modern era where so many lean on the “in the box” approach to recording and live performance, we really wanted to record an album that has an analog feel” says guitarist Aidan Smith. “Knowing that Jim Wirt has done some of our favorite albums really helped motivate us to record songs in a similar way, without the comfort of what so many bands may be doing these days. We love that approach as well, by the way, but for these tracks, we’re going old school!”.


  1. Floating Away

  2. Out the Window

  3. Perfect Timing

  4. World Around You

  5. Same Mistakes

  6. Winning Numbers

  7. Worth Saving

  8. Return to Sender

  9. Persona

  10. Mirrors

  11. Simple Head

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