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Gringo Bandito Announces New ‘Spicy Yellow’ Hot Sauce For a Cinco De Mayo Online Release Date

The growing Southern California hot sauce brand adds a 4th flavor to it’s lineup of popular sauces that include red, green and super hot. Hot sauce fans can purchase the spicy yellow flavor on May 5th via Amazon and Gringo Bandito’s official web store.

Photo by Anthony Duty / Gentle Giant Digital

(HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA) – 5.2.2019 - Gringo Bandito hot sauce, a top selling national hot sauce brand based out of Orange County, CA, has announced the May 5th release of their brand new ‘Spicy Yellow’ sauce. The sauce is the hottest Gringo Bandito flavor to-date and is the newest flavor release since their popular ‘Super Hot’ variety went on sale in 2016. Spicy Yellow will be released on Cinco De Mayo (Sunday 5/5) and will be available exclusively on and Gringo Bandito’s official online store.

Made with Scotch Bonnet and Habanero peppers, Spicy Yellow is sure to please those “hot heads” out there who might have thought Gringo Bandito’s ‘Super Hot’ wasn’t reaching the scoville rating they are constantly seeking. Spicy Yellow may intimidate some amateur taste buds, but this flavor is sure to impress even the most discerning hot sauce enthusiast, giving just the right kick for those who like it fiery. As with the other 3 flavors which include red, green and super hot, Gringo Bandito has 70% less salt than many competitors, is gluten free, contains no preservatives and is all natural.

The unmistakable hot sauce brand can be found on retail shelves nationwide. The origin story of the brand is humble and seemingly unintentional, starting as a hobby to gift to family, friends and eventually local restaurants. A decade later, the sauce can be found in Walmart, Whole Foods, over 7000 top regional supermarkets, 700 restaurants and is consistently ranked as a top 10 selling hot sauce brand.

Purchase Gringo Bandito ‘Spicy Yellow’ on 5/5 at - or at

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About Gringo Bandito:

Gringo Bandito was started in 2004 by Dexter Holland, singer for the multi-platinum punk rock band The Offspring, more as a hobby than a business.

"I just thought it would be cool to have a hot sauce," says Holland. "I gave away the first batch as Christmas presents to my friends." The response to this new hot sauce was so overwhelming that Holland decided to put it out commercially.

Sales were modest at first, and the hot sauce was distributed only in Holland's native Southern California. "It has always been a DIY operation for sure," Holland says. "It started small but it has just kept on growing."

After several years and over a million bottles later, Gringo Bandito hot sauce has garnered a worldwide audience and a loyal following. "We're not the most well-known hot sauce out there," says Holland, "but once people try it, they're hooked."

Gringo Bandito is now sold in Australia, Japan, Canada, Finland, Switzerland, UK, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Hungary and coast to coast in the US and can be found in the top 10 on's highest customer rated hot sauces amongst 5000+ other products.

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