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Centershift Release New Album A Different Shade Of Color

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

The LA alt rock outfit have released their debut full-length album, view new music video for “Falling Into” online

PR updated 11/11/22 from 11/3 original posting

(LOS ANGELES, CA) - November 11, 2022 - LA rock/alternative group Centershift have released their debut album A Different Shade Of Color. The 17 track effort brings together two previously released EPs (A Different Shade + Of) along with new tracks to complete a story vocalist/guitarist Jasan Radford penned over 2022. The band has also released a music video for the track “Falling Into”, which is live on Youtube. A Different Shade Of Color is out now on Spotify and Apple Music (November 11th) via Auspicious Recordings/Wolf Entertainment.

The band, who is known for their unwavering work ethic, kept in the studio or on stage all throughout 2022, playing nearly weekly shows and traveling to Superior Sound in Ohio to record with famed producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobastank, OneSideZero). The dedication to staying creative and using music as an outlet for friendship, expression and even mental health has led to a deeply personal album that takes the listener on a journey. Centershift has always focused on the band member’s longtime friendship, passion for storytelling and crafting rock songs that have huge riffs, big vocal hooks and a timeless alt/rock vibe fans will appreciate.

Centershift has also announced an upcoming live stream performance via coming up on November 13th at the new LA Knitting Factory (formerly “The Federal”). More information and tickets are available at

“Playing music for over two decades has taken me down some interesting paths, which at times had led to dark places and others to moments of pure inspiration and motivation” says Jasan Radford. “A Different Shade brings together my journey, and tackles topics that include my sobriety, which saved my life and helped me grow into a new version of myself. We all collaborated on themes for the album, and are excited to share stories that will certainly be relatable to the listener. Oh yeah, and we’re equally as excited about the big riffs and music overall. Thanks for listening!”

From Auspicious Recordings - “Centershift’s debut album, A Different Shade Of Color, is an album that not only tells a story. It’s one of those albums that evokes different emotions and brings the true album format back to the forefront. We couldn’t be more proud to release this album and be a part of the journey with Centershift. Prepare for one hell of a ride.”

Centershift formed as a new project from Radford, who was the vocalist and guitarist of Onesidezero, a band that VH1 said released one of the top most underrated Nu Metal albums of the 2000’s. Radford and Onesidezero led an Alternative Rock revolution that spanned a wave of platinum artists and sound that impacted a generation of music. This newest band aims to deliver the thoughts and emotions of his life experience and wisdom, while writing intelligent alternative rock that reminds people that rock is far from dead. The band is rounded out by Ryan Shane Stuber (ex-Shuvel) on guitar, Ted Wenri (ex-Bemus) on bass and Stefan Storace on drums.

Centershift - A Different Shade Of Color Track Listing:

  1. 9

  2. My Own World

  3. Dry Well

  4. Waiting On Summer

  5. Tell Me

  6. Couldn't Tell

  7. Kingdoms

  8. And So

  9. From Where We Are

  10. Falling Into

  11. Arise

  12. Everything And Nothing

  13. What If

  14. After All

  15. 1014

  16. Here Like Always

  17. Fade Away

About Centershift:

Centershift is a Los Angeles based rock/alternative group created by Onesidezero vocalist/guitarist Jasan Radford and also features ex-members of Shuvel and Bemis. The band has been actively planning shows around the upcoming release of their debut album A Different Shade of Color, which will be released on 11/11/22 via Auspicious Recordings/Wolf Entertainment.

Upcoming Shows:

11.17.22 - Los Globos - Los Angeles, CA (w/ Alphamega)

11.18.22 - Corbin Bowl - Tarzana, CA (w/ MAL, The Pumps)

12.3.22 - Winston’s - San Diego, CA

12.30.22 - Tiki Bar - Costa Mesa, CA

01.19.23 - Knitting Factory - North Hollywood, CA (w/ Kemikalfire, members of Hailstorm and Lit)

Media Contact:

Bob Bradley

‪(949) 274-9651‬



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