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The Awakening Trainings Announce Upcoming San Diego Area Classes

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

The San Diego based retreats announce three immersive classes in January and February that take attendees through intentional breathwork, meditation and sound healing practices.

SAN DIEGO, CA (12-16-19) - The Awakening Trainings have announced and opened up registration for three upcoming San Diego area events in January and February. Known for their immersive and life-changing retreats, teachers Colin and Kerry Smith also offer single day courses that give attendees experiential sessions with practices that include intentional breathwork, meditation and sound healing. The San Diego dates have been announced for January 11, 25 and February 29.

The January 25th event, entitled Make 2020 The Best Year Of Your Life is being held at Bar Method (Point Loma / Liberty Station) and will take place from 1-4pm for $45. In this intensive and rejuvenating 3 hour event, attendees will experience Sound Healing, Intentional Breathwork, a guided Meditation, along with follow-through framework on how to achieve incredible goals in 2020. The event will also include vegan-friendly snacks, education on superfoods and how to integrate these practices into everyday living and eating. In addition, with a ticket purchase attendees will be entered into drawings to win private coaching sessions on goal planning, productivity packages and Meditation Kits.

On January 11th and 29th, The Awakening Trainings will be hosting free Intentional Breath workshops at their home in San Diego from 6-8pm. Those interested can sign up for the free course by emailing Colin and Kerry online and the address will be provided with confirmation. During the 2 hours, attendees will be guided through Intentional breath patterns that can reduce anxiety, improve sleep efforts, manage cravings and improve mindfulness.

The Awakening Trainings have been opening the doors to an elevated life experience through their immersive multi-day trainings and classes in the Southern California area. Co-founders Colin and Kerry Smith have expanded their popular retreats (that quickly sell out) and have also announced four upcoming The Journey trainings for 2020 to be held in January, March, June and September. Where many people are faced with negative self-talk, healing old wounds, divorce, alcoholism, business growth challenges and other common barriers, the The Journey and these single day courses can help identify and detoxify unhealthy patterns, leading to conscious change, improved focus and ultimately a reborn sense of self.

To learn more about The Awakening Trainings, upcoming courses and to sign up for The Journey please visit

Upcoming single day courses:

January 11, 2020


San Diego, CA (Colin and Kerry's home)

January 25, 2020


The Bar Method (Point Loma)

2751 Roosevelt Rd #200, San Diego, CA 92106

Feb 29, 2020


San Diego, CA (Colin and Kerry's home)

About The Awakening Trainings:

The Awakening Trainings is a self-development experience that sparks your innermost being, elevating beliefs in bold possibilities by removing the obstacles within that lead to true lifelong personal growth. Participants learn to break free from self-sabotaging habits and develop the tools to live a fulfilled, purposeful life filled with meaning and passion. These boutique trainings are empowering and focus specifically on inner changes on a cellular level.

The Awakening Trainings are exclusive retreats that are experiential and proven over decades through the success of our graduates. Industry leaders Colin and Kerry Smith guide attendees through the original training, which was first developed by psychologists and spiritual leaders in the early 1990’s. Kerry and Colin have professionally trained with spiritual and thought leaders including Robbins-Madanes Training, Brendon Burchard, Roger Love, Judith Kravitz and many more.

To learn more about The Awakening Trainings, upcoming classes and coaching opportunities, please visit or call (619) 631-8569

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