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The vibrant LA songwriter preps her latest single, which is a deep dive into the creative mind that “always loves to celebrate and overthink at the same time”.

(LOS ANGELES) - OCTOBER 27, 2023 - Los Angeles based songwriter and online personality Annie O'Malley has some big news with the upcoming release of her latest single “Celebrations & Obsessive Thaughts”. The track hits all online streaming platforms and will be serviced to radio across the country. The song will easily live up to the hype of being her catchiest song to date, delivering O’Malley’s trademark quirky, tantrum-pop sound with a chorus that will outstick most major pop hits. The track comes on the heels of her recent singles “Klose the Door” and “11th Hour”, which have both found success on Spotify and other streaming sources.

“Celebrations & Obsessive Thaughts” is out now and will be included on her sophomore album due out in early 2024.

Listen to Annie O’Malley on Spotify | Apple Music

Annie O’Malley Website | Instagram | Tik-Tok

Annie O’Malley’s tireless work ethic shows no signs of wavering and has earned her a following of like-minded creatives, musical misfits and indie-pop music enthusiasts across not only Southern California, but around the globe (we see those Spotify and Google metrics folks). While Annie may fit nicely into pockets of pop and indie songwriter playlists, her music stands out immediately with her inclusion of hyperpop, drum & bass, and a unique singer-songwriter finesse. We take that back, she actually stands out like a bright multi-color bow, but she’ll fit perfectly on the Coachella bill (anyone reading?).

“Celebrations…” was written by Annie O’Malley and produced by Nydge (Mas Tsai, Mothica, Friday Pilots Club). Mixing comes courtesy of mix wizard JJ Catalyst (TYGR TYGR, Dylvn, Hannah Mrozak etc).

“My sophomore album is just around the corner, and I’m excited to share another single that is by far one of my favorites from the songwriting and production journey this year. As a lot of doors klose, new ones open and I’m thankful for the chance to share this new collection of music with you all.” - Annie O’Malley

About Annie O’Malley: The young powerhouse talent never forgets to have fun along the way, and unleashes a confetti packed explosion of vulnerability, making the process of self-expression comfortable and infectiously catchy to the listener. Raised in a small town outside of Chicago, the now LA based artist uses songwriting as a way to explore the complexities of her inner child, penning released and upcoming songs about birthday parties, ice cream, love, loss and all the other parts of the journey in this life. She wants to stick it to the execs that told her she was too emotional or dramatic, making it a point that sensitivity and expression is a super power. Annie O’Malley is bringing the listener along for the ride, with a glimmer of hope that they will find inspiration in the music to live a life that leans into being authentic and true to themselves.

Since dropping her first single in 2018, Annie has since released countless singles and her latest material includes a 2022 album called Skrapbook, an EP from early 2023 called the koldest season and the single “11th Hour”. Her online and social presence is also something to brag about, thanks to her diehard work ethic and an authenticity that shines through with both per post content and colorful brand that comes quite naturally to O’Malley. With over 2.1M Spotify streams, 190K listeners, 100K + Youtube views and 660K likes on Tik-Tok, the force is strong with this one, and has helped bring new listeners to her own brand of pop. As the world came back to life post pandemic, she hit the ground on multiple tours, including a 14 date stint with Chicago, and continues to spread her positive message with shows around the Southern California region.

Annie O’Malley is putting the final touches on additional music for her new album, due for an early 2024 release. Her music has been featured heavily in the media, including features by All Access, American Songwriter, Stitched Sound, Buzz Music and more.

"Listening to Annie O'malley's music is one of the most refreshing listening experiences we could ask for...Omalley successfully portrays the complex sentiments of turbulent love through her relatable lyrics and ability to perform with such poignant emotion. The song's sonics perfectly backup O’Malley's sweet and lush vocals, especially with their soothing tones and refreshing pop approaches." - Buzz LA

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