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Hatchets For Hands Release New Single “Age Of Deceit”

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) - 3.12.19 - Extreme metal group Hatchets For Hands hold nothing back with the release of their relentless new single “Age of Deceit” on Spotify and Apple Music. The release is just a taste of their newest material as the duo is currently holed up in the studio working on their untitled sophomore effort. The song premiered last Friday via Metal Sucks and was also added to Spotify’s popular New Metal Tracks and Death Metal & Beyond official playlists.

Stream "Age Of Deceit" on Spotify (Click here) or Apple Music (Click here)

As the follow-up to 2018’s critically praised Convulsions Of A Dying Empire and recent single “Bad Men”, Hatchets For Hands are keeping listeners busy with “Age Of Deceit”, their first new track of 19’ which was released this morning on most streaming services. “Deceit” hits the listener hard with vocalist/drummer Cullen Poythress’ pummeling double-bass and furious, guttural screams. Guitarist/bassist Brian Parks has written an intricate layer of inventive guitar work that blends gothenburg esque picking, melody and thrash/death that would earn often hard earned approval from both longhair metal purists and modern mainstream converts alike.

Brian Parks (Left) and Cullen Poythress (Right) - Hatchets For Hands

Growing up in San Francisco and first forming in the area’s rundown Tenderloin District, Hatchets seek their own inspiration while nodding to early European thrash, death and even black metal pioneers. Hatchets are not afraid of wearing their influences, and may easily impress fans of Morbid Angel, Death, At The Gates and early In Flames while injecting their fresh bloodline to legendary metal genres that once stood supreme.

For those already familiar with Hatchets For Hands, they can expect more of the same classic Hatchets heavy metal sound and infectious hooks on “Age Of Deceit” along with forthcoming singles to be included on the new album. The band will be in and out the studio for most of early 2019 and will be releasing a series of video clips to keep fans updated on the recording process. Get the latest updates on Hatchets For Hands at

About Hatchets For Hands:

Formed in a makeshift studio in the heart of San Francisco's Tenderloin District, Hatchets For Hands is the studio project of musician producers Brian Parks and Cullen Poythress. Driven by a mutual obsession for authentic musicianship and heavy metal, the band takes cues from many styles within the genre—nodding elements of early American thrash, grind, and traditional death to the soaring leads and infectious melodies akin to Northern Europe's melodic death metal exports. Hatchets For Hands released their debut album ‘Convulsions of a Dying Empire’ in 2018 and will be releasing their new album which has “Age Of Deceit” included in 2019.

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