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Tattoo Artist Dillon Forte Announces His Forte Tattoo Tech Line Of Products

The notable tattooer unveils the brand of eco-friendly line of products for tattoo artists

(VENICE, CA) - FEBRUARY 14, 2020 - Southern California based tattooer and designer Dillon Forte reveals details on his newly released line of eco-friendly tattoo products being sold under the brand Forte Tattoo Tech. His expansive offering of products are designed for professional tattoo artists and are now available for purchase online.

Forte, who is mindful of the materials and elements used in everyday life and specifically in the tattoo business, has long sought after more environmentally-friendly supplies to use at his Sri Yantra studios in Oakland and Venice California. Forte Tattoo Tech products available now include eco razors, eco cling, PLA ink caps, biodegradable clip cord sleeves, bottle bags, rinse cups, theurgy salves and eco pens. The online store also has Forte branded hats and stickers for purchase. “Most products used in our industry are disposable and made from plastic or other petroleum products,” says Forte. “Each time we toss something in the trash, there’s a bit of guilt. Something needs to change.”

After hitting many walls during his early phase of development, Forte took it upon himself to specifically research and find source materials that can be best used for the purpose of tattooing, which ultimately results in little to no impact on our environment. The components used in his Eco Razors and other products are sourced from all-plant fiber biodegradable alternatives, such as sugar cane, hemp, paper and bamboo.

Dillon Forte currently tattoos out of his own studio Sri Yantra in Venice and Oakland, California, and has recently made news with his tattoo work at unique locations including Mount Everest and tattooing himself inside an Egyptian pyramid. He is also lining up his 2020 convention plans and has confirmed his appearance at the Nepal Tattoo Convention coming up April 3-5th.

Forte is also known for his work with high-profile individuals including Usher, Ben McKee of Imagine Dragons, Chris Hemsworth, Kat Von D and currently has a year plus waiting list for new client work. Forte specializes in intricate sacred geometry, black and dot tattoo work, canvas art and prioritizes his worldwide travels to further gather inspiration while tattooing clients in the most exotic of locations. Updates on Forte Tattoo Tech can be found on their Instagram page and can be purchased now at

Dillon Forte + Sri Yantra Tattoo Online and store -

Dillon Forte + Sri Yantra Tattoo Online -

About Dillon Forte:

World-renowned artist, Dillon Forte, is known for his contemporary style of Sacred Geometry in tattooing. Forte believes in viewing the body as a whole, creating harmonious designs to flow seamlessly with the skin. Since opening his first Sri Yantra Tattoo studio 8 years ago in Oakland, Forte has developed an incredible online following and high-profile, international client base.

His other notable ventures include photography, painting, fashion/tech design, murals, gallery exhibitions and his product line Forte Tattoo Tech, which is his recently announced line of biodegradable tattoo supplies. Forte is available by appointment only, and more about his Oakland or Venice studios, artists on staff and guest tattooists can be found at

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