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Restaurant Online Ordering System eHungry Cooks Up New Features

Successful restaurant online ordering system eHungry launches exciting new features for the thousands of restaurant locations using their platform

RALEIGH, NC - (3/29/2022) - eHungry, a popular private label restaurant ordering system, announces they have rolled out the latest version of their online ordering platform for their restaurant clients. The exciting update to their system includes a new customer-focused design and numerous new features: advanced prep times and throttling to help restaurants avoid being slammed with orders; integration with over 70 payment providers so restaurants can save on credit card fees; an enhanced mobile app for better order handling; and a free website builder for new restaurants that don’t have a Web presence. The newest design and tech updates come as a response to both consumers and restaurants continuing to heavily lean on online ordering.

“We are constantly evolving our ordering system to help restaurants and their customers have a great experience,” says CEO and founder Scott Arkin. “With our new order throttling feature for example, our system can make sure the restaurant doesn’t get too many orders too quickly when demand unexpectedly surges. Our platform can detect it and adjust the ready times as needed. The last thing a restaurant wants is an upset customer waiting for their order because the restaurant wasn’t expecting a spike on a Monday night.”

eHungry has also integrated with over 70 payment providers including Authorize.Net, CardConnect, Elevon, Heartland, NMI, Payeezy, PayPal, Stripe, TransFirst, USA ePay and WorldPay. This means fast setup for restaurants and they can use their existing credit card processor to save on fees, which is critical with rising costs everywhere. “With eHungry, customers are paying the restaurants directly. There are no middlemen or delays in receiving their funds. Restaurants have complete control over their payments and customer data,” says Scott.

Additional new eHungry features include expanded iOS and Android Manager apps with live chat support and Star Micronics printer integration; better control of accepting orders and advanced prep times; custom order types for more unique setups such as curbside, drive-thrus, catering and room service; and a free Website builder so restaurants can control their own Web presence with a photo gallery, menu, reviews, coupons and more.

Demand and challenges have been non-stop for the food service industry especially the past few years. eHungry has been there to help restaurants by offering direct mobile and online ordering solutions at an affordable cost. With eHungry there are no setup costs, no contracts, and no hidden fees – just a small fee per order.

Since 2003, the independent company has provided direct online ordering services for thousands of restaurants across the United States and Canada, specializing in private label and custom-designed solutions under the restaurant’s own brand.

The company has also donated over $100,000 to organizations that help in the fight to end hunger, including Feeding America, Rise Against Hunger, Food Banks Canada, and Action Against Hunger. Learn more about eHungry at

Scott Arkin - Founder of eHungry
Scott Arkin - Founder of eHungry

About eHungry:

eHungry, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, is one of the original online ordering platforms for the food service industry. Launched in 2003, eHungry provides direct online ordering services to thousands of restaurants across the United States and Canada. They build each restaurant's online ordering experience under their own brand and are proud to offer a low-cost, feature-rich platform that makes it easy for restaurants to offer mobile and online ordering to their customers.

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