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(VAN NUYS, CA) JUNE 22, 2023 - MAL, an experimental rock band from Southern California, has announced their newest single “Madness As Lift” for a June 23rd release on all DSPs. The group is releasing the track on the heels of their recent 2023 singles “Hero’s Gold”, “Besides” and “Come To Light”. “Madness As Lift” will be included on their upcoming album, Come To Light, set for an August, 2023 release.

Media Preview of Single Available Upon Request (Press at

RIYL - Failure, TOOL, Deftones, Mike Patton, Greg Puciato, Porcupine Tree etc.

MAL is more than comfortable in their own skin, steering clear from norms in rock music and being true to the influences that shaped their sound. The band fills a niche, yet powerful space reserved for progressive, intelligent arrangements with a familiar rock energy, and the group shamelessly leans into those sounds that fans of progressive, space, shoegaze, grunge and post rock will appreciate. The trio, which includes Peter Hollywood (Bass), Kristopher Jung (Vocals/Guitar) and Brendan Reynolds (Drums), formed as a band in 2012 after spending time playing in other area groups and gaining experience in the music industry.

Over the past decade, MAL has carefully evolved their sound with each album and single, keeping their relationship as musicians and close friends aligned with their passion for writing music that is authentic and is memorable. The band can craft approachable rock tracks, but also throw a curveball with 14 minute, multi-genre singles paired with incredible visuals. MAL has shared the stage with Alien Ant Farm, VOLTO (Danny Carey of TOOL), Saul, Boy Hits Car and Andrew W Boss. The band has been featured heavily in the media, including coverage by Rock Era Mag, Mesmerized, Headbangers News, Iggy Mag, Audioelectica and more.

The band speaks further on the single; “Madness As Lift is a glimpse into the mind of the unstable, ignorant, and completely lost souls who are looking for purpose among the fringe of old, unsustainable ideas that lead to insanity. To quote Bette Midler, Madness is “the wind beneath” their wings. This is a creepy song.…as it should be. This is the 4 th single from MAL ahead of our Summer, full-length album release titled, COME TO LIGHT, due out this August! The song follows no traditional arrangement. It drones (just as the drones of the fringes do), and becomes almost chaotic in schizophrenic polyrhythmic sections that burst into aggression and fury.”


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