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The Australian songwriter further sets the stage for his upcoming full-length album with this new music video and single. Watch the music video on Youtube

OCTOBER 26, 2023 - (SYDNEY, AUS) - Australian indie songwriter and producer Jesse Judies (Nick Bray) will release his new single “I’ve Been There Before” tomorrow (10/27) on streaming services along with a music video on Youtube. Released on the heels of his September single “Colors of Youth”, the song will be included on his upcoming full-length album ‘Coup De Foudre’. The busy musician describes both singles as deeply personal, and creatively tells the story of uprooting from a familiar life in San Francisco to begin anew in Sydney, Australia.


Jesse Judies on Instagram | Bandcamp | Spotify

RIYL - Beck, MGMT, St. Motel, LCD Soundsystem Ok Go, Portugal. The Man

Calling both SF and Australia his musical homes, Jesse Judies has been busy putting the final touches on the upcoming album, with details and a tracklisting being announced in the coming weeks. As a taste of things to come, “I’ve Been There Before” gives listeners a peek into the mind of Nick Bray, playfully telling stories of everyday life, done with style and an impressive songwriting that will win over the most discerning of critics (Pitchfork, anyone listening?). The music video brings the fun, showing a day in the life of Jesse Judies making his way around town and living his best life on a bike. I can quote him on that by the way, “life is better on a bike”, end of story.

Known to most of his friends as “Nick Bray”, you may catch Jesse Judies playing a hip festival around town, or on another day, living life as a bicycle delivery person earning an honest living (see video above). What he does unusually well is combine a unique perspective on life and mesh it perfectly with infectious indie rock, soaked in incredible production, and backed with beats that will quickly melt your stress away. There’s a layer of charisma that’s hard to describe, but it comes across perfectly in both his music and in other videos for tracks like “Chemistry” and “This is gonna happen.

“I guess I am into hi-vis work gear and idioms. I mean, a benevolent witch taught me that the world is your oyster, so go out and get it.” - Jesse Judies

“I’ve Been There Before” was written and produced by Nick Bray Jesse Judies, mixed by Ollie Brown mastered by Josh Weaver in Nashville, TN.


Jesse Judies is the moniker of former San Francisco indie mainstay, Nick Bray. Bray cut his teeth playing guitar for indie darlings, Music For Animals before fronting EagleWolfSnake. Bray began producing music as Jesse Judies in 2018, when he embarked on his first full length record entitled Thoughts In A Loop. After mixing and mastering TIAL, Covid kicked off and Bray relocated to Sydney to avoid being separated from his Australian partner. Though torn from his San Francisco roots, Bray stayed busy during the pandemic by releasing a video and single for Chemistry in late 2020 and released Thoughts In A Loop in early 2021. As the pandemic dragged on, Bray began collaborating with Aussie singer/songwriter Sasha March, producer Ollie Brown and former Lungs and Limbs drummer Matt Power. The collaborations bore fruit in the form of a new record entitled Coup De Foudre, which documents Bray’s experience of uprooting himself during the pandemic and finding his footing in Australia. The first single from CDF is Colors of Youth, which was released in late September 2023.


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