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The Cleveland Alt/Rock duo drops a crushing new track today on streaming services, announces completion of their upcoming new album.

(CLEVELAND, OH) - 1/12/2023 - Groundstate, the rock duo formed by brothers Aidan and Connor Smith, have released their new single “Floating Away” on streaming platforms. The band recorded the effort with producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobastank, Centershift) during the pandemic along with other tracks for their upcoming 3rd full-length album, The Things We Leave Unsaid. Since 2014 the duo have continued to share a deep bond by writing music that connects on a new level with their fans and radio around Cleveland and beyond.

The band first came to fruition in 2014 when the brothers began writing music with a hard rock tinge that pays homage to the heavy, alt sounds of the late 90’s while placing their own modern stamp on each creation. After playing memorable early shows at the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame and Tri-C Rock Off, the duo quickly developed a loyal fan base around the Ohio region. Over the last 8 years the band has since supported major national acts as direct support (Crazy Town, Saliva etc) and earned national airplay on rock/alternative radio stations.

“Rather than rely on modern production practices of using programming and effects, the end result of “Floating Away” and the upcoming album is raw and unapologetic in its melodic yet heavy approach,” says vocalist Connor Smith. “We’ve never wanted to hold back. What you hear is exactly who we are. We don’t pull any punches. It feels good to finally be able to make the kind of album that we’ve truly wanted to make and bring back something that is missing from the music world,” says Guitarist Aidan Smith.

Aidan Smith further comments, "Floating Away was actually the first song we wrote for the album, and it was written about the feeling of growing distant from someone and not being able to do anything about it. I think we've all had that, whether it was a friend or a girlfriend or whatever, where you can tell that someone doesn't want you in their life anymore, if not through their words than just by a change in how they act around you. That frustration and feeling helpless watching someone fall out of your life was what made this song."

During the recording process Aidan Smith also contributed guitars on the latest Centershift album A Different Shade of Color, also produced by Wirt. Groundstate is in the planning stages of regional tours, shows and festival dates for early 2023. See more from Groundstate via their official website, Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube.

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