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Bon Dévil Set To Disrupt The Dessert Segment

To HELL WITH GUILT! A popular line of chilled desserts is telling guilt where to get off, unveiling a devilish new name and brand identity.

LOS ANGELES, CA - (3/1/2022) - The plant-based desserts category is ripe for an upheaving. Born from the deepest, darkest desires of grocery consumers, Bon Dévil is set to unveil a devilishly un-guilty line of coconut based desserts. Pure pleasure without regret, these divine plant based treats target adults and will undoubtedly tempt consumers and retailers alike to repent against the capital sins of evil desserts. All heaven is soon to break loose with The Collaborative’s devious rebrand, rolling out in grocers and retailers nationwide this Spring.

Join the Bon Devil team for the big reveal during Natural Products Expo West 2022 in Anaheim, CA from March 9-11. Find their team at North Hall Booth N2301 (Level 200). Bon Devil invites you to soon devour something hellishly different. Until then, the question stands..."WILL YOU DARE TO TEAR?

About The Collaborative:

Feel like you have sinned, even when you haven’t. The Collaborative plant-based desserts are the creamiest, most indulgent pots around. We work day-in, day-out to make plant-based desserts that taste every bit as good as dairy (even if we do say so ourselves). The Collaborative dairy-free desserts are better tasting, better for you, and better for the planet, made with Non-GMO ingredients and Vegan Certified; helping us all to live a bit healthier without sacrificing the things that make life so damn delicious. Learn more at

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