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Bon Dévil Reveals A Devilish Identity As A Former Popular Dessert Brand

Pure pleasure without the guilt! A popular line of chilled desserts breaks through heaven’s gates, unveiling more on their devilish new name and brand identity.

LOS ANGELES, CA - (3/15/2022) - Bon Dévil, the wickedly delicious ganache desserts that target flexitarian and vegan shoppers is ready to set the plant-based desserts category ablaze. Officially launched at Expo West, the brand formerly known as The Collaborative in the US, announced their new brand identity, inclusive of four tantalizingly indulgent ganache desserts.

All of heaven is about to break loose. Devilish on the outside, and angelic on the inside, each of Bon-Devil’s unguilty pleasures is a 1.6oz cup of plant-based paradise made from coconuts. No dairy, no gluten, no lactose, no evil GMOs, no compromise. Heavenly things come in small packages - as Bon Devil launches with four tempting ganaches between 100-120 calories (1.6oz, 4-Packs): Chocolate, Vanilla, Salted Caramel Choc & Caramelized Banana Ganaches. Each dessert is a confectionary masterpiece that intertwines flavor and texture, pleasing all the senses.

Expo West was a massive success for Bon-Devil, as they were named by VegNews as “Best New Vegan Product” for their Best Of Show Awards 2022. The brand celebrated the launch with their team, activating what was considered to be one of the most “eye catching” booths of the expo.

Bon Dévil comments on the market shift towards plant-based foods and desserts: “The flexitarian consumer eats a wide variety of food but is trying to eat less meat, dairy, etc. To this consumer, it’s all about engaging in the best options available, purchasing the best tasting products with variety that fits into lifestyles in an easy way. These shoppers are looking to dip their feet into a pool that includes coconut-based desserts like Bon Devil. We have reinvented plant-based desserts to fulfill the deepest desires in an underserved plant-based category.”

“We are thrilled to show our retail and distribution partners this new version of the brand,” says Bon Dévil founder James Averdieck. “This new look for the brand takes our core values and ethos, adds a new layer of indulgence and helps take our growing company in a fresh direction.”

Bon Dévil will be rolling into grocers and retail later this month. Amazon Fresh, Wegmans, Meijer, Fresh Thyme, The Fresh Market, Jewel, Giant, Haggen, Bristol Farms, and more have made a deal with the devil and will soon have Bon Dévil on the shelf… and that’s just the start.

Stay updated on the latest at, including hellishly exciting news on additional retailers that have entered Bon Dévil’s heavenly gates.

About Bon Dévil:

Few mortals can resist the devastating temptation of Bon Dévil’s wickedly delicious coconut based desserts. Born from the deepest darkest desires of grocery consumers, Bon Dévil comes in 4 different flavors and is 100% plant-based, gluten free, no evil GMO’s, under 120 calories and sin free. Pure pleasure without the guilt, find Bon Dévil in major US Natural, Conventional and Mass Grocers. Learn more at or on social media at and

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