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Bon Dévil Launches Their New Line Of Plant-Based Desserts Into Grocers

Pick up your pitchfork and go to heaven! Bon Dévil’s devilishly delicious and plant-based desserts are now available in supermarkets, delivering pure pleasure without the guilt!

LOS ANGELES, CA - (5/10/2022) - Bon Dévil, the decadently rich ganache desserts that target flexitarian and vegan shoppers have launched their tantalizing lineup into natural and conventional grocers. Setting out to “raise hell” and disrupt an underserved segment, Bon Dévil has rolled out 4 different flavors including Chocolate Ganache, Vanilla Ganache, Caramelized Banana Ganache, and Salted Caramel Chocolate Ganache. Seek and you shall find…These 100% plant based cups of dairy free, unguilty pleasures are available now at grocers including Wegmans, Fresh Thyme, Meijer, The Fresh Market, Haggen, Bristol Farms, Amazon Fresh and others launching in coming months.

Choc Ganache (4x pack - 100 calories)

Vanilla Ganache (4x pack - 110 calories)

Salted Caramel Choc Ganache (4x pack - 120 Calories)

Caramelized Banana Ganaches (4X pack - 100 Calories)

Few mortals can resist the devastating temptation of Bon Devil’s heavenly coconut based desserts. Each of their 4 flavors are sold refrigerated, and packaged in sets as 4 - 1.6 oz cups. As a sustainable, hellishly decadent premium product, Bon Dévil is devilish on the outside, yet angelic on the inside - 100% plant based with no dairy, no gluten, no “evil” GMOs, no sins and no compromise. Feel like you have sinned, even when you haven’t! Each ganache is made from coconuts, vegan certified, kosher and under 120 calories. Bon Dévil is the unholy eruption of plant-based paradise that is currently missing in today’s dessert space.

The plant-based food category has been on an upward trend, surpassing $7 billion in 2020. With 43% growth from 2019-2020 alone, plant-based food sales grew 2x faster than overall food sales (GFI/SPINs, 2021). The plant-based dessert segment could be set for a record year of growth, positioning Bon Dévil to quickly emerge as a leader during this period of exciting segment growth.

Bon Dévil Founder, James Averdieck, began his journey working in the supermarket industry before founding Gü, which he sold off to Noble Foods in the UK. Post Gü, Averdieck started The Coconut Collaborative in 2014, and expanded to the US as The Collaborative in 2018. In early 2022, the brand was reimagined as Bon Dévil and unveiled with new product innovation in March at Expo West in California. While Bon Dévil makes wickedly exceptional desserts, under their devilish facade, there is a morally righteous angel. They pride themselves with their philanthropic alliances including one with PUR Projet. To-date, the partnership has helped support farmers by planting 20,000 trees and mangroves to support Southeast Asia’s ecosystems and promote biodiversity.

About Bon Dévil:

Bon Dévil has set out to raise hell with their 4 different flavors of refrigerated desserts. They’re free of all the sins of the dairy/dessert industry: plant-based, with no dairy, gluten, or evil GMOs, so consumers can indulge their desires and give into temptation without guilt. Find Bon Dévil in major US Natural, Conventional and Mass Grocers.

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