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Popular Quinoa Cup Brand Keen One Quinoa Now Available In Walmart Stores

The organic quinoa products brand can be found at the Nation’s largest retailer

BOULDER, CO (December 2019) – Keen One Quinoa, a Colorado based organic quinoa products company, has announced that their unique brand of nutritious and delicious quinoa cups are now available at Walmart stores. Their cups were distributed into national Walmart stores as part of their ‘New at Walmart’ product positioning. Keen One Quinoa can be found at 167 Walmart stores, which includes their Garden Medley, Chipotle and Harissa Red Pepper cups.

“We are thrilled to be carried in Walmart stores and understand this is a milestone achievement for our brand” says founder Christopher Algea. “Having convenient access to our quality products is a huge priority and this also opens the doors to new customers.” Keen One Quinoa promotes healthy living with their delicious brand of quinoa cups that are convenient, natural and are a healthy alternative to most common cup meals on the market. The cups are perfect for students, traveling professionals and anyone with a health-minded busy schedule, and select quinoa cup flavors will be available on Walmart shelves starting this month.

The quinoa used by Keen One Foods is a “Royal” standard of large premium quinoa sustainably sourced from the Alti-Plano of Bolivia, using fair trade practices. The brand was founded in 2007 as a college project, and Christopher Algea’s team quickly found a high-demand for the product, which initially sold quickly throughout college stores. In the almost 12 years since being launched, their quinoa cups and packs can now be found online, throughout the Rocky Mountain region and now at regional Walmart locations.

Keen One currently offers 7 popular flavor varieties including Chipotle, Thai Coconut Curry, Garden Medley, Harissa Red Pepper, Edamame Sushi, Jamaican Jerk and Pesto Pasta. Learn more about Keen One Quinoa at and at Walmart stores.

About Keen One Foods:

Keen One Quinoa first sprouted in an unassuming classroom at the University of Colorado at Boulder Leeds School of Business in 2007. Tasked with a class project on new product development, founder Christopher Algea — a cash-strapped college student at the time — decided quinoa could be an affordable, nutritious option over the empty calories of typical dorm food. His classmates agreed and the seeds of the brand began to take root.

After graduating, Christopher’s passion for quinoa persisted. He and a few friends began experimenting with recipes and sold their goods at local farmer's markets and small retailers. Their popularity skyrocketed, prompting Christopher to head to Bolivia in search of a source of par-cooked quinoa, which would help the small team keep up with demand — and keep the business afloat. On a double decker bus ride to Oruro, the heart of the Altiplano, Christopher met his quinoa match: a direct supplier of fair trade Organic Royal par-cooked quinoa, which remains the primary source of quinoa for the brand to this day.

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