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6 Tips for Creating An Amazing Press Release

If you're a business owner and want to get the word out about something big, often a press release is a critical starting point. You can use these documents to announce events, new products coming out, and other noteworthy happenings related to your business. Since a priority for most businesses is positive media coverage and attention from the public, often an informative press release with that relevant information will help set the stage for achieving those results.

A great press release does more than keep the media and public in the loop of your brands’ recent happenings. These media releases can grab the attention and interest of niche-specific journalists who may want to go more in-depth on the topic. Since most journalists go through hundreds of pitches daily, it's important to make yours stand out. Here are six tips to write an outstanding press release that will lead the way to securing those much desired media features.

1. Make a head-turning headline.

Like any piece of media, the beginning of a press release is the most crucial. Having an eye-catching and unique headline increases your chances of pulling in journalists who are in search of a great story. Make sure it's precise and captures the essence of your brand perfectly.

2. Make the first paragraph straight to the point.

People who work in media are busy people, so you need to make sure that the first paragraph of your press release dives right in. Since you've already captured their attention in the headline, keep them engaged by writing down all the pertinent information in the first paragraph. If the first few sentences aren't interesting and concise enough, they'll most likely move on to the next pitch and forget about yours.

3. Color your press release with quotes.

There's nothing like a good testimonial to back up your press release. Add in a great quote from someone in your company or someone who knows your product or event well. It makes your press release sound less robotic and manufactured, and more human.

4. Make sure it's free of grammatical and typographical errors.

Even one small mistake can put off reporters from covering your press release. It gives them the impression that your company is unprofessional and doesn't take the work seriously. Proof read everything thoroughly — and even have others look over it as well before sending it out.

5. Keep it short, but provide access to more information if needed.

One page is optimal for a press release, or two — but only if necessary. However, some information that can't fit in your press release should still be readily available for reporters. It's good to keep in mind that most journalists don't really want to scour the web to find out more about your company. Save them the time and effort by providing relevant links to your website so they can learn more about your company.

6. Don't forget to include your contact information.

This is a common slip-up that can lessen the effectiveness of your press release. No matter how amazing your press release is, if journalists have no way to contact you, they most likely won't waste their time to find out how. Make sure to keep your email address and phone number in the press release handy and easily accessible.

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