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River Birch Candles Gives Back To The Dallas Community

The sustainable candle brand pays it forward by donating meals to local homeless in need for every River Birch pure soy candle sold online

(DALLAS, TX) – October 1, 2019 - River Birch Candles, a Texas based brand and manufacturer of sustainable soy based candles, has built their growing business around the principle of giving back to the community that nurtured them. In line with other philanthropic brands such as Toms and Warby Parker, River Birch Candles donates a meal to local Dallas homeless for each candle sold through their official web store.

Founders Erica and Shane Washington made giving back a core purpose of this candle brand from day one, which was bootstrapped and born from their passion for candles and from learning about the harmful effects of most common candles around homes and our beloved pets and children. Co-founder Shane grew up in poverty and made a promise to “pay it forward” later in life, and with River Birch Candles this is a core opportunity to build a brand of quality and keeping their stance on safe products that are sustainable and that benefit the community

Many candles have known cancer-causing ingredients (paraffin) and artificial fragrances packed with chemicals such as parabens, which have been in the media and have led to consumers avoiding this substances in their health/beauty products. River Birch candles are made with renewable soy wax, natural fragrances (not made in a lab with dangerous waste), safe for pets & children and uses an organic cotton wick. Currently available candles include Mountain Air (lavender & thyme), Ambriene (amber & sandalwood), Dark Cedar (cedar & eucalyptus) and Leather Noir (leather, mahogany & musk). The 8oz candles are available for $29.99 and in a 2oz size for $7.99. .

“We are passionate about candles, giving back, the environment and overall being a company that believes in full transparency,” says co-founder Shane Washington. “We prioritize giving back to our community and taking action on making change in the candle industry.”

For more information and to purchase River Birch Candles please visit The candles are also available in Austin at Shop A-town, at Rapid RX in New York City and Topcoat Nails in Salt Lake City, Utah.

About River Birch Candles:

We believe there are too many companies selling candles made with chemicals dangerous for your health. We believe that candles should be made with soulful fragrance and no BS ingredients.This means we only use soy wax, safe and natural fragrance as well as cotton wicks. We believe that lighting candles takes the stress of the day away and take you to a better place, not fill your home with chemicals. We believe that nature got it right. Our artfully made fragrance is inspired by our founders love of hiking and spending time in nature. We believe that all companies should be a force of good, therefore we focus on sustainable practices and giving back to those in need. For each candle purchased, we donate one meal to an individual experiencing homelessness in Texas, one of the country’s largest homeless populations.

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Bob Bradley Bradley Public Relations & Marketing

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